What CMS Should I Choose For A Responsive Website?
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What CMS Should I Choose For A Responsive Website?

When starting a business or changing your website to optimise your performance as an established entity, choosing the CMS for you can be challenging. 

The truth is that there are thousands of content management systems out there that you can select from, but how do you know which one to go for when looking for optimal responsiveness?

Making an informed decision is what you should be offered and if we can make it easier for you to decide today, you can begin to build on your business goals. Here, we’ll give you a breakdown of what CMS you should choose for a responsive website. 


What is a Responsive Website?

You may have heard of the term ‘responsive website’ in order to see success on your website. Yet, what actually is a responsive website? This is a term that web designers and developers use when looking to create a website that ‘fits to size’ across all devices, including mobile devices, tablets, laptops, etc.

Often, you may view a website that looks great on your laptop, but if you view it in the mobile version, the format and layout can be scattered. Sales, calls, 'get a quote' forms, etc. can all be filled out on your website, which can lead to massive opportunities for your business.

However, if you’ve not looked at implementing everything you can to build a responsive website, you won’t see success over multiple devices. 


Benefits of a Responsive Website

Although there are other elements that make up a beautiful website design, a responsive website holds some key value to your customer behaviour. After dealing with thousands of websites, here are some noticeable advantages we’ve seen to having a responsive website:

  • Increased audience capacity can be navigated well across multiple platforms
  • Your bounce rate won’t be as high on all devices
  • Improved SEO performance due to respectable layout and organisation
  • Consistency across your website for maximum professionalism
  • Your conversion rate will skyrocket
  • Your CMS, heart core and cloud will all be aligned 
  • Maintaining the website will become simple

A responsive website holds real value for business owners looking to expand their reach through inbound marketing. If you begin to learn how to send traffic and leads to your website, and everything is in place for the user to have a great experience, you can expect much more revenue from your annual report. 


Choosing the Correct CMS For a Responsive Website

With many options for content management systems to use, it can become overwhelming for a business owner to select the correct provider. Assessing the top-reviewed and most highly-rated website builders in the industry will give you a better understanding of what platform will suit you if a responsive website is a focal point of your designer's or developer's duties.

Without a user experience that makes your customers want to come back, the customer retention rate will take a major hit. Ensuring that your website takes into consideration every small detail for responsiveness is key. Here are some of the CMS that are popular for this essential part of your website’s success:



This is the most popular CMS on the internet, with almost half of the websites being created using WordPress. This CMS is excellent for startups and established businesses looking to be flexible with what they offer and scaling their business as they do it. 

It is popular among business owners as there are many plug-ins that are available to install on this CMS. However, a lot of the plug-ins can be worthless and decrease your responsive website design.

Often, if you want the best performance with WordPress, it takes a high-level full-stack developer to take control, as there are little tutorials to help guide you through the process.



More suitable for eCommerce businesses, this platform has brilliant responsive web design for a product-based business but lacks the flexibility for service-based businesses. You will have an all-in-one marketing tool to promote your products online as a virtual storefront, and they also offer a host of responsive themes, fit for smaller screens, laptops and all types of screen sizes.

Shopify should certainly be on your radar if you’re a start-up looking for responsive web pages that promote your products in a fashionable manner, but if you’re a service-based company - you will need another CMS.



Umbraco CMS, in our opinion, is the most underrated content management system on the market. Perfect for both product and service-based websites, this CMS gives you full control over your HTML, CSS (media queries) and Javascript which allows you to formulate a website with a responsive design that suits your UX and UI design.

Everything from having control over viewport width, creating responsive images and the capabilities of editing font sizes - Umbraco gives you a seamless editing experience to ensure that your website functions correctly over multiple devices.

With Umbraco, you can also reuse the best elements of your website for fresh web pages. Rather than building from scratch, you can use the mobile-friendly design or duplicate the previous page designed for exceptional responsive web design and web development.

Choosing the Right Umbraco Developer

Exploring all of the CMS options available on Google leads us to think that Umbraco has the highest performance output compared to other content management systems. With all the advantages listed, you have everything in place to make a statement in your chosen sector of work.

If you’re looking for a Umbraco developer that has had years of experience with countless case studies to prove that they can perform in multiple niches - we here at Fuelius have a team of professionals who know exactly how to fulfil your needs, regardless of the project. 

A net developer gives you the chance to focus and perfect the core product and service of your business so that by the time you’re ready to show it off - we have everything put in place for high-quality results.

If you want to take advantage of our unique Umbraco Gold Partnership perks, book a discovery call with our Umbraco agency experts today and we’ll be more than happy to assess and plan what we can do for your company moving forward.