A Beginners Guide To Using Umbraco
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A Beginners Guide To Using Umbraco

With online businesses growing at an exponential rate, it's more important than ever to install the right tools to enhance your performance to keep up with the competition in your line of work.

Putting systems in place to ensure that your business is running smoothly is nothing new (logical, if anything!) but due to the rise in e-commerce sales – you should be looking at every tool you have at your disposal to keep you ahead of the curve and bolster results.

Perhaps the most important, and sometimes overlooked tool, is your website.

Creating an effective website with all the pieces of the puzzle in place for an ideal conversion rate is a basic but critical step in your business's success.

And a major part of your website is the CMS (content management system) that it's built on.

As with any major technology or tool, there's plenty of CMS to choose from. You'll want to make an informed decision around what CMS is right for your specific business needs, to make sure it's fit for purpose as your business grows. 

Today, we will be giving you a beginner's guide to using Umbraco – one of the more well-known CMS platforms available on the market today.


What is Umbraco (CMS)?

In relation to ‘what is Umbraco CMS’, it is defined as a content management system that allows enterprises to create visually pleasing, powerful and practical websites worldwide.

Whether you’re using a phone, laptop, tablet, etc., you will be able to view this website from your desired browser.

Umbraco was first founded in 2000, but became an open software to the public in 2004 and is now noted as one of the most powerful CMS systems for businesses of all levels and sizes to use for their products or services.

It now hosts upwards of 70,000 live websites with over 500,000 downloads in its short time of being available. Of course, with the advancement in digital marketing strategies, people are beginning to realise the importance of what a CMS can bring to the table.

Once you become familiar with the wide range of tools and themes you can utilise in order to build a high-functioning website with sleek features and visual cues, you will begin to see the benefits of hosting a website mirror the number of traffic and conversions you’re seeing on a day-to-day basis.

Who Will Benefit Most From Umbraco?

Due to the extensive amount of features that Umbraco offers, plenty of business owners, solo entrepreneurs and non-profitable organisations use this CMS to build their websites.

But how are you meant to know if this CMS is suitable for your company or not?

One of the key features of Umbraco is that it is highly flexible. This means it can be adapted to suit a range of businesses across different sectors to create precise solutions for whatever project. 

No matter what line of business you find yourself in, we’ve seen different niches and opposing sizes of companies perform extremely well on the Umbraco CMS, regardless of the project or services offered.

Plus, with all the additional tools we’re about to discuss, you’re going to find out how beneficial it can truly be to any business looking to grow online.


How to Use Umbraco Effectively With All of Its Expansive Features

Although it may seem complicated if you’ve never delved into creating your own website for your business, our main goal is to provide you with adequate information so you can take away some key pointers on how to use Umbraco effectively for your objectives as a company.

Below, we will be splitting each feature into one part and explaining how it works so you can grasp the fundamentals of Umbraco as a beginner looking to generate traffic and conversions through their new content management system.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. Templates to choose from - Beginning your journey with the Umbraco community may sound daunting but with the templates laid out for you - it’s difficult to go wrong. With customisable templates, you will be able to design your website in alignment with your brand identity to create the best digital experience for your consumers.
  2. Simple-to-use editing system - When creating your new website, landing page or any other type of digital platform using this website host - user-friendly features are vital for your first experience.

    The ability to preview the content you’re creating will give you the ability to see how it looks from a customer's perspective. Additionally, guided workflows will be provided so you won’t be stuck on where to proceed from your current editing work block.
  3. Umbraco hosting - As Umbraco have a wide range of templates for your visual studio, they also have a variety of hosting options. Depending on the size of your company and the competition of your niche will decide what Umbraco cloud hosting server you go with.

    This way, you won’t have to worry about site speed and buffering when dealing with large amounts of traffic.
  4. Supports Razor - Due to Umbraco having a custom net framework, their unrivalled community is certainly impressed with the ability to create responsive websites. One of the main reasons for this is because of the support for Razor - which essentially is a programming syntax that aids in responsive websites. 

    Now, not only do you have a visually appealing website, but the backend code is at a high level for optimal software development. 

As an Umbraco Gold Partner, we've built hundreds of websites using this CMS for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

If you'd like to talk to us about how we can design and develop a website for your business, book in a call at a time that suits you.