When To Hire a Web Developer for Your Business
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When To Hire a Web Developer for Your Business

In the beginning, as a small business owner, you work at many different stages as you grow. From a small business with no staff on your payroll to a large enterprise with many staff members, in some cases, it can be a daunting but exciting challenge. 

However, at some point, you’re going to have to implement digital marketing strategies and obtain a website for your company so you can promote your products and services to the target audience you want to reach.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to run through when the right time is to hire a web developer for your business, as unless you have the skillset in-house, it is a must when trying to build an effective website. Carry on reading to learn more!


What is a Web Developer? 

A web developer is a person who creates and designs websites by using coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build the structure, style, and functionality of websites. Web developers make sure that websites look good and work properly on the internet from a backend and frontend perspective. 

Web developers will often specialise in either frontend or backend development. Or if they're a full-stack developer, they'll have specialist knowledge of both. When it comes to hiring a reputable web developer for your business, look at how many successful case studies and testimonials they have to gauge their skill level. 


Benefits of hiring a Web Developer for your business

Before understanding when the right time is to hire a web developer, you first need to gauge what they can bring to your business. If you don’t know what benefits they can put on the table for your company, you’ll never truly know the potential of what you could achieve with one coming in to help you out:


Professional work

A user's first impression of your website is crucial. Professional web developers and designers spend years honing their specialist skills, and learning how to enhance the user experience (UX). So with the support of a professional, users visiting your website can expect seamless, positive experiences each time. 


The latest technology is available

If you try to create your website yourself, whether that be from a UI/UX designer or developer perspective, you will most likely not have the latest software, understand the latest trends, or have updated coding requirements. A web developer can help with each of these areas, to ensure your website is functional and easy to navigate. 


It saves you time

Let’s face it, if you had one less huge job to hand off to a professional that would help you scale your business—if you had the budget—you’d take that chance. 

Web development skills at a high level take years to learn as a full-time professional, and if you’re trying to manually learn these skills while running a business, it’s going to be hard to successfully run every aspect of your business. Thus, if you hired a developer, this wouldn’t be a problem you’d face. 


Signs that you need to hire a Web Developer

Now that you understand some of the main benefits that a professional can offer you in this domain of digital marketing, if you’re set on hiring a web developer, you need to know when the right time is to do that. That’s why, in this section, we’re going to break down some of the main signs that you need to hire a web developer for your company:

  • Impossible Workload Capacity: You’re struggling with the daily tasks within your business when trying to scale your online presence
  • Outdated Or No Website: You don’t have a website to showcase your products/services or the website looks old-fashioned and doesn’t function well on multiple devices
  • Ineffective SEO: Your website has little to no focus on SEO and ranks poorly on Google’s search engine results
  • Slow Loading Times: Each web page takes a while to load with the user-interface
  • Customer Issues: You’re consistently receiving feedback from potential or existing customers saying there are problems with the website
  • The Bounce Rate is High: You see that people often click off your website in an instant when looking at your analytic reports.

These are some of the main signs that we see when a business is in clear need of a website developer, and if you’re an ambitious brand, gaining an effective solution is essential when your company's online presence needs improvement.


Finding the right Website Developer 

In regards to finding the right website developer, there is a choice between two options if you’re looking to hire. Let’s take a closer look at both:


Freelancer route

The first route you can take is to hire a freelance web developer to take on this role. Using websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, or People per Hour, you can find individuals from around the world who are ready to take on this responsibility.

On these websites, experience varies, so choosing a developer can be challenging, with trust being a major factor in your decision. 


Web development agency

The second route you can take is to hire a web development agency. With a marketing agency's reputation on the line, you’re much more likely to find a reputable business with this alternative, with case studies, testimonials, etc. being readily available.

With an agency, multiple people will be working on your business at once; thus, you will feel as though there is much more attention to detail in the work provided. 

At Fuelius, we ourselves have received numerous positive testimonials in this area recently—whether that be a web app or web project—so if you want to get in touch about potentially working together, we’d love to see if we’re the right fit!