What it Takes For a Cutting Edge Web Development Strategy
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What it Takes For a Cutting Edge Web Development Strategy

Building a website that performs well in this day and age may seem simple with all the free tools you have available. Yet, it is not as straightforward as you think, as there are so many factors that will determine the performance of your web development in 2023.

Most business owners think that you can just build an aesthetically pleasing website and that will be enough for excellent results. Although this is important, it goes much deeper than this within the web development industry. 

In this post, we’re going to discuss what it takes for a cutting-edge web development strategy and how you can maximise your influence on your target audience. Let’s take a closer look.


What is a Web Development Strategy?

In reference to what a web development strategy is, this is the point at which a business focuses on the UI (user interface) part of the website. During this strategy, they will look at devising a plan for improving software, applications and the interaction between humans and computers. 

When looking at your web development strategy, you must make sure that it aligns with the UX (user experience) and/or design of your website (you have a website or web application). If the web design doesn’t match the web development, your website will be out of sync, which will result in poor website performance. 

We believe that every business should sit down with their developers and designers before they look to make a substantial mark on their industry (viewing cutting-edge web development trends) within the online space. If you rush your website without a plan for how it is going to appeal to your target audience, you can expect to reach no one within your market. 

Web development strategies, along with website design strategies, are a precursor to what you want to achieve and how you want to present your brand to the world. Get this right, along with the technical aspects and you can expect some brilliant accomplishments. 


Top Tips Your Business Needs For a Cutting-Edge Web Development Strategy

Using your website developers, or your in-house team and just spending some time plotting out your goals for the website can go a long way towards successful online marketing. 

However, if you’re unsure about hiring and want to potentially try this for yourself, we’re going to be giving you our top tips on what your business will need for a cutting-edge web development strategy. Let’s take a closer look at what you should be implementing immediately when you start out:


1 - Hiring an Expert/ Using the Correct Information

Whether you have the budget to hire a web development expert or don’t, there is always a way to ensure that your web development is of high quality… one just may take longer than the other. 

If you hire a team of professionals, such as our web development professionals here at Fuelius, they will devise a tailored plan that will suit your goals and implement all the fundamentals and technical aspects required to make a cutting-edge website from a user-interface perspective. 

However, if you’re looking to try for yourself, we would recommend taking your time studying this subject. There are a vast array of topics within web development and making sure you implement them correctly is necessary for optimal performance. 


2 - Have Clear Goals

Like anything, if you’re not going after an achievement - your sense of purpose can often be lost. Whereas, if you and your team look at your goals for the website and look to improve on them on a month-by-month basis - you can expect to see linear progress (in the long term). 


3 - Find Your Target Audience

Before moving into the technical aspects of your web development technologies, you must understand who you’re going to be selling to. Without this information, you’re going to be blindly selling to whoever it reaches. 

If the people you’re reaching are not interested in what you have to offer, your analytics and website will be pushed further down the pecking order because Google will see your website as insignificant. 

Whereas, if you’re selling to the correct audience, your engagement and conversion rate will increase and your bounce rate will decrease - meaning Google will push your site further up the rankings. 


4 - Technical Web Development

The previous three tips are excellent for pre-production but as you’re building your website, you must be implementing the correct practices. Here is a list of what you should be doing with website and web apps:

  • Alt text, metadata, anchor text and HTML tags must all be relevant (easy to crawl)
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) 
  • Creating a user-friendly site
  • Debugging and testing
  • Ensure site speed (loading times) is optimal
  • Responsive web design (screen sizes suited for all devices)
  • Excellent programming language, coding platform and server hosting knowledge
  • No 404 error codes on your website
  • Adding meaningful CTA’s
  • Using artificial intelligence (AI) where possible

These are just a few of the key components that it takes to build a cutting-edge web development strategy that will serve outstandingly when the website goes live. 


5 - Focus on Your Results, Long-Term

If you’re just launching a website or have had one running for a while and are looking to make adjustments, and you’re not reviewing your analytics on a regular basis, you will not grow. Although it won’t be linear on a short-term scale with markets changing consistently, as long as you grow in a linear fashion long-term, this is what you need to see.

Viewing the analytics with your team will allow you to identify web development mistakes, look for new ways to improve, and test a new strategy. Accordingly, if you keep optimising your web development and web design until you begin to see results flowing consistently, the process will be worth it!


In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a myriad of factors that need to be considered when cultivating an effective web development strategy. We should add that if you’re thinking about doing this with your team, try to have the fundamentals in place before you go extremely technical, as this can take years of experience. 

Nonetheless, if you want a team of experts behind you who have already accumulated over 25 years of experience within this industry and can devise a tailored website development strategy so your business can get the head start it deserves - book a discovery call today!