What is Umbraco Cloud And What is it Used For?
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What is Umbraco Cloud And What is it Used For?

As a business owner looking to diversify their marketing tactics, you should be aware of new ways to help your company become visible on multiple online platforms. 

Working on Umbraco Cloud has been a favourable choice for website owners, whether you are just starting out or switching to this platform for a better experience. But, why is this platform becoming such a big hit within the marketing industry?

Whether you are a developer and editor seeking an efficient CMS or a business owner looking to enhance your online presence, understanding Umbraco Cloud is essential. Carry on reading to learn more about Umbraco Cloud and what you can use it for…


What is Cloud Hosting?

Before we delve into the specifics of what Umbraco Cloud is, it is important to first understand what a cloud hosting platform is, so you can understand how you can benefit from using such software. 

Cloud hosting is essentially a type of web hosting service that utilises the resources of multiple interconnected servers, known as cloud infrastructure, to host your websites and applications. Unlike conventional hosting methods that rely on a single physical server, cloud hosting will distribute the workload across a network of servers.

This allows companies all over the world to access a more flexible and scalable server. This is because with a single server, if everything goes wrong, there will be no backup server to help with the workload capacity. 

Whereas, if you use cloud hosting, you will have much better resource utilisation and reliability due to multiple servers being able to carry the workload and offer support if one of the servers goes down. 


What is Umbraco Cloud?

In relation to Umbraco Cloud, it is a content management system (CMS) built on Microsoft Azure Cloud that presents a platform for building and managing your business’ website. It is a powerful tool that combines the flexibility and scalability of the updated version of Umbraco CMS with the convenience and benefits of cloud hosting.

With this excellent CMS and cloud-based pairing, if you’ve hired a team of skilled developers and content creators, they will be able to collaborate seamlessly to build and sustain websites efficiently. 

The cloud-based nature of the platform eliminates the need for manual server setup and configuration, allowing your visitors to focus on creating memorable digital experiences rather than struggling to navigate a bulky website.

In essence, with a traditional CMS, you will have no guidance on where to begin with your website development. Whereas, if you decide that Umbraco Cloud Hosting is the choice you want to make, you have a venue for your website developers to thrive, allowing you to not only have a visually pleasing website but also a functional and responsive CMS for optimal user experience.


What is Umbraco Cloud used for within your business?

When it comes to creating an overall experience for a potential customer visiting your website or web application, making a first impression worth talking about is paramount. With an Umbraco Cloud site, there are a myriad of reasons to make it your go-to CMS and hosting provider when starting your free trial of 14 days. Let’s dive into some of the key functions of this platform:


Gives you a simple and advanced user-interface

With an intuitive content editor and drag-and-drop functionality, it is accessible to both developers and editors. This allows your team members to efficiently build and update their websites without extensive technical knowledge or coding expertise.

However, on the other hand, if you have a team of specialists on hand, there are advanced techniques that you can use within the cloud platform to reap the almighty benefits of the software. Hence, Umbraco deploys solutions that can be suited to businesses in every niche on the market and at every level.


It will boost productivity

Not only will this cloud-based software allow you to collaborate with other servers when it comes to creating structured workflows or streamlining communication between you and your team, but it can also boost productivity within your security setup too. 

Due to being hosted on Microsoft Azure, you will have the ability to leverage advanced security measures, automatic backups, and recovery options. This excellent feature minimises the risk of data loss and provides businesses with peace of mind, along with being a great way to boost productivity, as you know nothing will go wrong in the backend. 


Allows you to focus on the exciting web development tasks

Often, when curating a plan of what you want your website to look like, it can be difficult to achieve due to the technical parts of website development holding you back. However, with Umbraco Cloud, you will only spend a small percentage of your time on the configuration and setup of your website.

Umbraco loves to minimise your time on this aspect of the website setup with a multitude of one-click solutions; thus, you can focus more on the creative aspect of your web development and web design. 


Should you use Umbraco Cloud for your company?

Regarding whether you should use Umbraco Cloud for your company, if you want a seamless, hands-off experience that allows you to focus more on the creative element of promoting your product or service-based business, this will be a perfect fit for you. 

Whether you’re a beginner with no knowledge of coding or technical web development or you want a team behind you to support you during this transition, the Umbraco Cloud portal will be a great hosting platform for your new open-source CMS.

Everything listed above in the previous section, along with many more valuable features, will be added to the list of capabilities of your Umbraco Cloud projects. Microsoft Azure is one of the most innovative cloud platforms on the market, so if you and your team are currently assessing a new CMS alternative, Umbraco is certainly an option worth considering.

Although some of the functions may seem slightly technical at times, here at Fuelius, we’re one of the few businesses that have been privileged with the Umbraco Gold Partnership, meaning that we can offer you all of the guidance and support necessary to succeed with this platform. 

If you’re interested in partnering with us and obtaining the full array of benefits with Umbraco Cloud, book a discovery call with our team today, and we can discuss your needs and current business ventures. We look forward to hearing from you!