What Does A Web Development Agency Do?
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What Does A Web Development Agency Do?

Although the digital era is well and truly thriving, there are still a few misunderstandings about what is what when it comes to digital marketing. Gauging all of the new tools and services that can be provided now is certainly a challenge.

One of the common misconceptions we hear is that website design and website development are the same… which is completely false. ‘Website developing’ and ‘website design’ are two separate services that digital agencies propose opposing offers for. For instance, we are both HubSpot Elite Partners and a Umbraco Development agency - both requiring different development and design specifications.

So today we’ll be walking you through exactly what a web development agency does so that you can separate these two concepts in your mind - and you may potentially be interested in utilising these services for your own business in the near future. Read on to learn more!


Web Design vs Web Development

To know the differences between web design and development, we must first go through each one individually - thus, you will begin to understand how they vary in specialities. Firstly, we will talk about web design further in detail to see what you will experience with these sorts of services:


Web Design

A web designer encapsulates and edits the visual aesthetics of a company's website. This can be anywhere from the layout of the images, the way you read the written content, the colour scheme (for brand identity) and many more practical, graphic elements.

Rather than behind-the-scenes work that no one physically sees, a web designer will create everything at the forefront of the website. This influential work can be the difference between a customer or client purchasing what the business has to offer.

Emotional and logical purchases are two separate functions of the brain but excellent web designers look to target both for optimal results. When users have an easy-to-function interface, along with a beautiful design in front of them, it’s challenging to turn down - this is exactly what web designers aim to do.

web design-1


Web Developers

In contrast to web design, web development concentrates on the front and back end of the website - essentially where all of the technical coding and server work takes place in order for the website to be displayed in an honourable fashion.

Without front and backend web development, a core online presence will be impossible to build. Nowadays, website development agencies are expected to have a broad range of knowledge for the front and back end of the website - completing both server application and coding work.

Website developers now collaborate closely with the website designer to get a full understanding of the goals behind what they want the website to look like for potential customers/clients.

Whatever the web designer wants to create, the web developer will go away and use relevant tools to make this a possibility. 


What Does a Website Development Agency Do To Benefit Your Business?

In regards to ‘what does a web development agency do to benefit your business’, if creative web design agencies (or the web developer has the skills) are able to formulate a strategy together - you won’t have to worry about having a hands-on approach for your website - as it’ll all be done for you.

The right combination of web designers and web developers will be what you need to ensure that you can boost your website performance as you move onward as a business. Let’s take a look at the elements of how a website development agency will benefit your company consistently:

  • Increases the loading speed of your website (keeping customers on your site)
  • Creating prospect-friendly interfaces for effortless navigation
  • Reach a wider and targeted audience
  • Improved customer loyalty and brand authority
  • User experience will be excellent on both mobile and laptop devices
  • Creating a website that makes users impressed by the visual detail
  • High-functioning - boosts sales and revenue
  • Building a reliable website that can’t be tampered with
  • Can encrypt all your personal information to block hackers  

These are just a few of the many advantages that website development services can bring forth to your business this year. Website development agencies will have a culmination of other responsibilities that they will need to meet daily to reach the highest standard in your set niche.

Furthermore, there are endless amounts of solutions that web developers can deliver for your business on any level, there shouldn’t be a project that a web development agency struggles with if they have the fundamentals in the site and partnerships with web designers are healthy.


Should You Invest in Web Development Services?

Now that we’ve investigated further into what a web development agency is and the services they can provide when starting or establishing your business as a major competitor in your field of work - the all-important question remains ‘Should you invest in web development services?’

In our opinion, we believe that web development will exponentially increase your sales and revenue as a business - along with saving you hours of learning and implementing to create your perfect website.

Although this may be an investment in your company, we believe that the amount of time you’d spend learning it on your own would damage the amount of revenue you could make if you just hired a digital agency to work closely with.

A web development team would certainly be a great investment for your company if you’re looking to create an online presence and not limit your earnings to traditional brick-and-mortar payments. Limiting your potential would be a disservice to all the hard work you put in on a daily basis.



Final Thoughts

Now that you know the disparities between web designing and web development, exactly what a web development agency can bring to your business and our opinion on whether you should invest in a web development team - the ball is now on your side of the court.

If you decide to hire, we would recommend looking through their case studies, reviews and profile to get a good feeling on whether they can conduct the job you want to carry out.

Here at Fuelius, we offer both web development and web design services with an in-house team - thus, if you want to take a look at our results in order to get an idea of what we can do, take a look at some of our web development case studies:

Alternatively, give us a call at 01244 886768 or fill out our call-back request form.

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