The Advantages of Umbraco Websites
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The Advantages of Umbraco Websites

Deciding what CMS (content management system) you’re going to implement in order to represent your brand in the best manner can be a challenging decision. What will make you stand out from your competitors in this modern digital era?

Competing can be tricky, but also an exciting time to showcase your product or service as better than someone else’s - whilst introducing a website that is easy to navigate, flexible and aesthetically pleasing for your audience to use. 

Umbraco CMS has been increasingly popular for businesses in any sector and in today’s post - we’re going to explore the advantages of Umbraco websites for your business. Carry on reading to learn more!


What is Umbraco CMS?

In regards to what Umbraco CMS is, this is a platform that you can use to create your own website as a business owner using a free, open-source publisher. Umbraco is built on Microsoft’s .NET framework and when writing content - it will be coded using C#. 

Although this is not the most active CMS on the market compared to other huge platforms, Umbraco has still accumulated over 700,000 installs on respected app stores. The dedicated Umbraco community holds a lot of regard for this CMS and believes that it can start, scale and maintain excellent business performance. 

Over 200,000 companies are actively using this CMS as a tool to generate more revenue for their product or service-based businesses. Additionally, with over 1200 free packages available once you activate Umbraco - you can imagine that there are many options obtainable that will embrace unique websites. 

Umbraco HQ (headquarters) is located in Odense, Denmark but because of the huge shift in sought-after websites - Umbraco has had to add another HQ in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States to keep up with the rate of rapid growth. 


What Are the Advantages of Umbraco Websites For Your Business?

Although a well-known CMS, there are beliefs within the Umbraco community that this should be even more well-known within each individual sector when it comes to creating a successful online brand. 

Considering this website builder, whether this is your first website or you’re looking to switch your CMS, it should certainly be within your plans. Let’s take a deeper look at the advantages of using Umbraco websites for your business:


1 - Freedom and Flexibility

With Umbraco, as soon as you begin using their editing software, you will notice that you are given the freedom and flexibility to manage and brand your website in your own distinct way. Although this could lead to site issues regarding site speed, etc - these are all fixes that can be enforced right away with the correct assistance. 

The main benefit of this user-friendly content management system is that you can individualise your website because Umbraco believes that a one-size-fits-all approach will not reap any advantages for those with high-performing products and admirably functional services. 

Whether this is a CTA, landing page template, etc - you will never run out of creative resources with Umbraco, as they like to keep your website open to optimisation for your editing experience. 


2 - Well-Thought-Out Hosting Software

A website cannot go live without hosting software. If your CMS does not have a server to appear on Google - you’ll never see any results. In fact, Umbraco has its own operating system, ‘Umbraco Cloud’ that allows businesses to set up their website server within minutes.

Unlike most CMS, where you have to find a hosting provider yourself, Umbraco has an innovative system that can be set up in less than two minutes. Now, with Microsoft Azure, you know that your website is safe, in relation to security, bug fixes and overall infrastructure of your website. 


3 - Endless Tech Stack/ Integrations

Of course, your CMS is vital to the success of your online business, but if you cannot integrate your website with other useful platforms - you’ll never reach your maximum potential. Be it for email marketing, social media, CRM structure, analytics and many more - Umbraco has a list of alternatives for each tech stack. 

The list of integrations and tech platforms you can utilise (provided by Umbraco) gives you the freedom to make decisions on which platforms will best suit your personalised needs. 


4 - Customer Support

Depending on whether this is your first time building a website or not, Umbraco will still bring some unique features that you may have never seen before. They are extremely cognisant of this and provide you with Umbraco support and resources throughout your ‘website building’ process to help streamline each step. 

Experts will always be there to be contacted in times of confusion. Or, if you want to learn something that you may think will impact the results of your website - they will be on hand to help at all times.


5 - Always Scaling…

Umbraco is a company that is always looking to improve its customer experience. Although you may not be able to pick out any clear negatives with this CMS, they will find a way to carry on improving and scaling their company to ensure that customer satisfaction is at an all-time high.

For example, they’ve upgraded to ‘Umbraco 9’ and a renewed ‘NET.5’ which web designers and web developers are enjoying more than ever. However, they will always find a way to advance and keep improving their CMS capabilities. 


Should You Use Umbraco Websites For Your Company?

Umbraco users all across their platform are derived from opposing business sectors, showing that the flexibility and freedom across design and web development are giving companies from all niches a CMS worth working on. 

Unlike most platforms, which specialise in either e-commerce or brick-and-mortar business models, you can use Umbraco for all different business systems - meaning there are no limitations with this CMS. 

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