Is HubSpot Beneficial For Startups?
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Is HubSpot Beneficial For Startups?

As a startup company, there are a multitude of factors that you have to take into consideration before you launch your all-important product or service. Without planning your execution, it will become unorganised.

As you assess all your options for the systems you’re going to put in place, you must consider the value of a digital marketing strategy that is going to take you above and beyond your competitors – in particular choosing the right technology stack to set you up for success.

Now, HubSpot is a platform that many have been using for some time to maximise their potential when growing their brand online. However, is HubSpot beneficial for startups? Carry on reading to learn more.

What is HubSpot?

In regards to ‘what is HubSpot’, it is a diverse digital marketing/CRM platform with systems for all aspects of the spectrum - anywhere from sales processes, CRM systems, inbound marketing and customer service. Rather than setting up blindly, HubSpot gives you tools to work with to ensure your systems and teams are aligned to one centralised source of truth.

The variety of software products that this CRM company presents their ethos as a company. HubSpot believes that if you have one system in place, why not have them all in place to the highest standard possible?

Their five types of software cover sales, marketing, service, operations and development, eliminating the need for different tech solutions per area. Add to this the huge range of resources (such as e-books, blogs, guides, video tutorials etc) that they provide to their audience, HubSpot ticks a lot of boxes for new businesses looking to develop and grow.

Moreover, if you’re looking at prices for opposing types of CRM systems, HubSpot offers packages to suit different budgets and requirements. To start with, you can use the free version. However, they also have a ‘Starter’, ‘Professional’ and ‘Enterprise’ package.

All of these packages include a variety of extensions, meaning that you can choose the price point and/or extensions that suit the trajectory of your business. If you’re willing to spend more, you will have access to more features - whereas, if you go for a lower-priced package (HubSpot pricing for Startups), you won’t receive the added advantages but still have excellent benefits.


Is HubSpot Beneficial For Startups?

As a startup company, your knowledge base is generally centred around what you’re trying to provide for other people. Therefore, masses of details are typically missing from your arsenal. To incorporate this into your business without a ton of experience, there are many tools out there to help you with the support you need.

This is exactly what HubSpot does for its users. If you’re looking to increase your performance in the digital marketing realm, HubSpot is one of these tools. Yet, is it beneficial for startups?

Let’s take a closer look at the details:

Would a Sales System be Beneficial For Startups?

With these software tools all being part of a marketing automation/CRM system, less of the technical work will be in your hands as a startup. For example, email marketing templates/tracking, capturing details of leads and call tracking to see what sales calls are scheduled for today are just some of the popular features of HubSpot Sales Hub.

With minimal effort, the partnership between you and HubSpot will allow you to effectively perform a sales process that is structured for your customers/clients to enter - ultimately leading to more converted prospects.

If you have no prior experience creating funnels, email templates and many more sales processes - Sales Hub could be an excellent addition to your strategy as a sales team, providing you with the foundations to get started, quickly. 


Would a Marketing System be Beneficial For Startups?

Online marketing strategies are often neglected by businesses stuck in the traditional form of marketing. Meanwhile, their competition is storming ahead with a stellar marketing tech stack.

HubSpot allows startups and all businesses ranging from small businesses to established companies to store all of their marketing content in one place. For example, you will be able to have your SEO (search engine optimisation), blog, social media posts, live chat, advertisements, etc in the same workspace.

This permits users to track all of their ongoing data and make the necessary changes in order to see a boost in results over a period of time. If you see your ad performance drop, then you will know to focus on developing new creatives, targeted audiences and many more.

Having access to built-in reports and dashboards means you can really start to understand and analyse your data to make more meaningful decisions in the future, whilst the campaign management approvals and feedback tools make sure everyone in your team stays on the same page.  


Would a Customer Service System be Beneficial For Startups?

Providing customer support that ensures that your customers/clients are satisfied is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. Especially when you’re a startup company, each prospect is so precious and one wrong move can be the end of your time with them.

To prevent that from happening, people use marketing automation tools during their sales customer service process. This way, not only will you have answers ready for your customers/clients at all times but with the speed of the response and fix - they’ll be sure to feel impressed and more likely to buy again or refer your business to friends, colleagues and family.

Nowadays, in any business - a customer will want a fix immediately. Therefore, using this HubSpot CRM for customer service will generate organisation for swift resolutions. Straightaway, you will be able to see the problems that need to be solved - keeping the demand of your customers as low as possible.

Just some of the HubSpot customer service tools include a knowledge base/FAQs functionality, a built-in customer portal, customer feedback and custom surveys like NPS, help desk automation and service ticket pipelines – all designed to maximise efficiencies and deepen customer relationships. 



With just a few of the available tools available at HubSpot, the above-mentioned will save you time and money during your business journey at the beginning. Whether you have no prior knowledge or just want to focus on the front end of your business - HubSpot functions will provide immense value for startups.

Startups don’t have nearly as much time on their hands as someone who has been working in their business for years and has now begun to automate systems. However, nowadays, with websites like HubSpot, you can make a small investment (monthly or yearly) and save hours of work with sales, marketing and customer automation yourself.

Of course, getting used to HubSpot will be new territory, but once you grasp the concept of the platform - you will wish you’d have found it sooner. 

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