INBOUND 2021 new HubSpot features for Operation teams
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INBOUND 2021 new HubSpot features for Operation teams

Can you believe that another INBOUND event has come to a close for another year? We certainly can’t! If you’re missing hearing about all the new and innovative ways this year’s new a can make your business life easier, then fear not! We’re here to take you through each and every new tool that every member of your Operations team will love... 

Operations Hub Enterprise

The Operations Hub Enterprise is all about scaling, specifically about saving your scaling business time and enabling you to report more easily on downstream users, all to deliver more consistent and compelling insights. Forget about those days spent dealing with reporting and one-off data requests and use that time to build on driving your strategy! 

Features in the Enterprise Hub include:
- Data Sets which will allow users to collate collections of data for downstream users
- The ability to calculate value within the HubSpot reports
- Snowflake Data Share - a fast and automated way to export HubSpot data into the industry’s leading data warehouse. 

By using Operations Hub Enterprise to clean and connect customer data, you can make sure that your business stays efficient and aligned as you scale.

The price of this service will be $2,000 per month and it will be included in the Enterprise CRM Suite after launch. The cost of the Enterprise CRM Suite will increase after December 1st 2021 due to additional features being added. Customers who purchase between the November launch of the Operations Hub Enterprise and December 1st, 2021 will pay $4,000 each month and those who purchase after December 1st will pay $5,000 per month.


Permissioning and Governance 

This one is a massive plus for Operations teams. Permissioning and Governance mean that when a new user now gets added to your HubSpot account, you no longer need to worry that workflows could be interrupted or inadvertent changes made, as this new feature means that everyone will have the right level of access. With the addition of easily adjusted Permission Sets, more informed decisions can be made rather than defaulting to standard permission recommendations - say hello to a more secure, effective, and practical way of working!



Sandboxes are a huge deal for Operation teams - they’ll essentially mean that they can test their systems thoroughly, without worrying about changes going live on the website or sending test emails to customers. 

They’re a playground for testing connections with other systems and formalising business processes seamlessly and without any disastrous data changes to concern yourself with! Sandboxes will help Operation teams get the peace of mind they need when it comes to them maximising the potential of HubSpot. One Sandbox will come as standard for Enterprise customers and additional ones can be purchased for $750 each, per month.



Customer Portals

Today, customers are more independent when it comes to sourcing the info they need and getting the answers to their questions and this is why HubSpot’s new Customer Portals will put a smile on the faces of Operation team members everywhere! They are essentially a web page behind a login that allows customers access to support tickets and the ability to reply to those tickets as well. 

With the power to keep tabs on their own issues, customers won’t feel the need to check-in for constant updates, therefore building trust and making Operation teams run more efficiently, with conversations being kept track of in a customer’s own personal Knowledge Base. The Customer Portals are available in Enterprise and also in Service Hub Professional.


Flexible Associations

Tired of the time-consuming workaround solutions you’ve had to implement in HubSpot for modelling data? Well, then Flexible Associations will be music to your ears! They will allow customers to better reflect the connection between records in HubSpot, allowing Operation teams to run workflows to associate contacts onto a deal.

Flexible Association 1 (Box around)

Flexible Association 2Flexible Association 3Flexible Association 4


Property Calculation Functions

With Property Calculation Functions, Operation teams can save time when dealing with Data Sets, which will give them the ability to curate collections of data and gain more control over projects, enabling faster, easier and more consistent reports for business users. Freeing up the valuable time of the Ops team isn’t the only benefit they’ll notice, with Calculations being a key feature of the new Data Sets, Operation teams can now calculate values, without the need for additional fields, in the context of HubSpot reports.


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Some huge wins for Operation teams there, we think you’ll agree! INBOUND has outdone itself by adding numerous user-friendly and business smart ideas to help companies work more efficiently and effectively. 💪


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