A quick round up of the new HubSpot Operations Hub
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A quick round up of the new HubSpot Operations Hub

What's that? A new HubSpot Operations Hub you say?

Yep! Earlier this week, HubSpot launched Operations Hub, a new suite of tools that connect your apps, syncs and cleans customer data, plus automates your business process. With improved integrations, even more, robust data quality tools and flexible automation, processes are kept efficient at scale and allow operations teams to spend their time on business strategy instead of reactive tasks.

Operations Hub is designed for those who want to simplify data management and have wider flexibility with HubSpot and third-party apps that sit outside of the traditional sales and marketing functions. 

A few key highlights:

  • Data sync enables you to connect your business apps to HubSpot easily with no code required. You simply choose the app from the list here, select the information you wish to include and save your sync. (Don’t worry if your app isn’t yet on the list, HubSpot have explained they plan to broaden data sync over time).

    The launch of data sync includes access to 25 new HubSpot-built integrations, including the widely popular Microsoft Dynamics, Google Contacts and Mailchimp. Having this data syncing straight into HubSpot will not only improve efficiency but also align your Operation and Smarketing Team like never before.
  • Data quality automation. Nobody wants to deal with dirty data, it wastes your time and makes for a poor user experience. But what if we told you that with Operations Hub, the process of cleaning data is automatic? That’s right, with data quality automation, you can include a new set of workflow actions that format property values, for example, capitalising letters and updating phone numbers.
  • Robust workflow extensions allow you to trigger actions in third-party systems, for example, sending a Slack message or Zoom invite.
  • Programmable automation is designed to take away the creative restriction of workflows and chatbots. With Operations Hub, you can now use custom javascript to manipulate actions and triggers. This increased flexibility allows processes to be a lot simpler, reducing administrative burden.

How much is it?

Everyone can have access using the free package, but to make use of customisation and programmable automation, you’ll need to opt for either the starter or professional package.

If purchasing individually, please see the below pricing options.


However, if you’re looking to purchase three or more hubs, you’re better suited to the CRM suite that allows you to purchase all hubs for a discounted rate, see prices below.

Please note, all prices were accurate at the time of blog publication.

You can find out more information about the Operations Hub here or alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team and book a call today.