INBOUND 2021 new HubSpot features for Marketing teams
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INBOUND 2021 new HubSpot features for Marketing teams

INBOUND 2021 always brings out the very best of HubSpot! We hope you're as impressed as us with all of the new features and tools on offer – but in case you were a little overwhelmed with where to start, we’ve collated our top picks for all Marketing pros out there to get you started.


This feature is guaranteed to stop Marketing teams from having sleepless nights! Sandboxes are like a marketer’s playground, where you’re able to test new process changes and integrations to see how they’ll respond in a real-time environment, without disrupting workflow or interacting unnecessarily with your customers, forming a more cohesive and trustworthy system. Enterprise customers will have access to one Sandbox, with additional Sandboxes being available for purchase for $750 each, per month.



Custom Surveys 

Keeping those customer relationships in mind at all times, Custom Surveys will allow you to deepen them by allowing Marketing teams to develop feedback surveys that get to the deep burning questions their customers want answered. Custom Surveys make it so easy for customers to use diverse questions types such as star ratings, text fields and radio select, before easily sharing their survey via an email link. Gaining those all-important deep insights means having a clearer idea about what your customers need from you, forming stronger and more robust bonds.    


Custom Surveys 2


Custom Behavioural Events

Marketing teams are well aware of the importance of demographic data for targeting beneficial leads and reaching the right audience. Custom Behavioural Events allows Marketers to leverage custom reporting to illustrate just how powerful highly relevant marketing messages can be. With the added benefit of scalable CRM-powered marketing, without the need to add a complex integration, you’ll be gaining traction with your customers in no time!


Custom Report Builder

The new and improved Custom Report Builder feature will make a Marketer’s life easier by providing the function of collating and drawing up data-driven reports for shaping decisions, rather than basing business strategy on guesswork and opinion. Guiding teams to gather info on contacts, deals and companies will put Marketing teams in the best position for knowing who to reach and how best to reach them.

Custom Report Builder 1

Custom Report Builder 2


Flexible Associations

When it came to modelling data in HubSpot, it could, at times, mean that clunky and time-consuming workarounds had to be put into place, but no more! Now, Flexible Associations will allow Marketing teams to create more seamless structures to their campaigns, for example, emails can now be personalised to include information from a contact’s company properties and labels can be used to segment marketing lists, included in workflows or to create specific reports.

Flexible Association 1 (Box around)

Flexible Association 2Flexible Association 3Flexible Association 4


Property Calculation Functions

With the addition of Property Calculation Functions, Marketing teams will now be able to use HubSpot reports in order to calculate core values. Reports will be able to be drawn up consistently, quickly and easily, thereby freeing up time for Marketers to do what they do best and get the messaging out to the right audience.



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So, there you have it! We're sure you’ll agree that there’s a lot to get your teeth into there for improving your marketing strategies straight away.

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