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Previous session: Why upgrade to Umbraco 10

Umbraco CMS Version 7 is heading towards ‘End of Life’, with 8 and 9 not far behind. This means if your current website is built on Version 7 or earlier, you’ll run into serious issues with your website. You’ve got a few options on what to do next – so watch our most recent WebWrapped webinar for everything you need to know and why it’s essential you upgrade to Umbraco 10 in 2023.

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Urgent action required

New features and functionality

Your options explained

What you'll learn:

We’ll be covering everything you need to know about Umbraco sunsetting Version 7 in 2023 and their latest core update, Version 10, released earlier in 2022.

  • What 'end of life' means for websites on Version 7 or earlier if they don't migrate  
  • New features and functionality of Umbraco 10 
  • What your options are moving your website forward into 2023

One hour webinar.
Leading website experts.
No complex jargon.
Actionable insights.

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