Why Your Business Needs to Review its Marketing Strategy – Now
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Why Your Business Needs to Review its Marketing Strategy – Now

Content is at the heart of inbound marketing, but why is it so important to businesses today? Find out in just 75 seconds


Lesley and Dan of Hubspot spell it out: sales people need to move into the 21st century – and fast! There’s been a fundamental change in how prospects buy, and marketers need to shout about it. Click ‘play’ for the most useful 75 seconds you’ll spend today.


Hi guys, I’m Lesley I’m the sales blog editor a HubSpot so basically Dan and I. I’m a marketer and Dan’s a sales person over the last year and a half we’ve worked together to generate thirteen hundred new prospects for the HubSpot business and we did that purely through blogging over just eighty-six hours of investment, you know we publish a blog post and go to sleep and it generates customers for us every single day and we have blog posts that we have written a year and a half ago that today are still bringing in customers because here’s the thing; prospects google the post, they find it, they get educated and now they want to speak to us because they trust us as a product, as a brand and we’ve identified a need that we can help with.

Very good, the key for sales people is you’ve got to move to the twenty-first century right there’s been a huge change in the last 10 years. It use to be that sales people had all of the power and now the prospect has all the power so there’s a fundamental change in the way that people buy unless your helping marketing, unless your creating content, unless your online with twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, you’re not going to get the advantage of getting people who are looking for your stuff so in 2016 if you want higher quality leads, quicker sales process and more customers you’ve got to practice at them more.