What is RevOps?
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What is RevOps?

To see success in today's competitive digital world, you can’t leave revenue growth to chance. With careful optimisation of the sales pipeline and cross-departmental alignment, you can close gaps in the customer journey and ensure cohesive experiences. This, in turn, supports companies in retaining and attracting new business. 

The key to maximising your company’s revenue growth? RevOps (also known as revenue operations). Research by IT company, Forrester, found that organisations that deployed RevOps grew revenue nearly three times faster than those that didn’t. Achieving similar growth requires a shift from a sales-focused mindset to a revenue-focused one. So, what exactly is RevOps? Let’s find out more…


What is RevOps?

RevOps is a strategic approach for enhancing the customer experience (CX) and driving predictable revenue growth. It integrates sales, marketing, and customer success teams with the shared goal of generating more high-quality leads. 

Now more than ever, customers expect a connected experience each and every time they interact with a company. A RevOps strategy enables teams to develop an in-depth knowledge of their customers’ needs, meaning fewer friction points, personalised communications, and an improved customer experience. It also allows organisations to: 

  • Work more efficiently with streamlined processes
  • Unify teams and their goals
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Boost customer satisfaction and retention 


The 3 RevOps Pillars: Process, Platform, People

RevOps centres around three core areas for revenue generation: Process, Platform, and People. 


1. Process

Optimising the customer journey starts with looking at the current processes your teams follow. Clunky, long-winded processes often lead to confusion, mistakes, and a drop in leads. 

The Process pillar in a RevOps strategy is all about making daily operations efficient and effective, so teams can collaborate better and achieve more. Simplifying or automating processes will reduce inefficiencies and bottlenecks, ensuring all teams can work effectively towards their shared revenue goals. 


2. Platform

Connecting technologies across your organisation is a crucial part of scaling your RevOps strategy. A streamlined, centralised tech stack will facilitate data sharing, and offer the visibility needed to flag potential issues. The technologies you use should tell an accurate story about your sales pipeline so that each team can understand how they influence leads. 

CRM, sales enablement, reporting, and automation tools in HubSpot will all be integral when pushing your RevOps strategy forward and unlocking revenue growth.


3. People

The people in your organisation play a massive role when it comes to RevOps. Bridging gaps between marketing, sales, and customer success departments requires an open, collaborative culture with cross-functional teamwork. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight; it starts with attracting and retaining top talent who have the mindset and drive to implement a RevOps strategy that sticks. 


RevOps is the key to maximising your company’s potential for growth. Seeing sustainable success with RevOps requires ongoing monitoring and continual optimisation, to ensure each of the pillars is supporting your strategy. 

Now you know the basics of RevOps, it’s time to build your winning plan for success. Book a consultation with Fuelius today to gear your company up for growth.