What is HubSpot Service Hub: Features and benefits
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What is HubSpot Service Hub: Features and benefits

Discover how the features of HubSpot's Service Hub allow you to deliver an exceptional and proactive customer experience that grows your business

In today’s world, customer is king.

For businesses to build genuine, lasting relationships, they need to go above and beyond to support and delight their customers.

This is fundamental to the flywheel concept of aligning every element of your business around the customer experience. Loyal customers willing to advocate your solutions or services fuel your pipeline to effectively scale your business.

As you’ve likely heard before, it’s as much as 25x more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain a new one. Investing in customer service means better customer experiences and improved retention.

But there’s a lot to unpack – what challenges are businesses facing when it comes to customer service and retention? As well as how can HubSpot’s Service Hub can provide a potential solution...

The problem? Customer expectations are higher than ever

Instant communication channels have led to an inevitable decrease in patience. How long are you willing to wait for a response from someone?

We expect more from our service providers. And this has a ripple effect – if your bank or your favourite fashion outlet or your car servicer has a rapid SLA, you expect that from everyone else you do business with. The bar is always rising.

90% of customers rate an immediate response as important and 72% of consumers expect agents to know about their previous engagements (HubSpot State of Service Report) – so it’s not just about speed of response but also ensuring it’s contextual.

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The impact? Frazzled customer service teams

This means that customer service teams are under more pressure than ever before. They’re frazzled and exhausted. They’re being pushed to meet these continually rising demands and reduced SLAs, without the technology or infrastructure to support them.

They simply don’t have enough time to deliver this exceptional customer experience that’s so vital for business growth and development. Which leads to long call queues, repeated requests for the same information, generic messages that don’t solve any problems…

Customers don’t feel like they’re being treated like a human being anymore, they’re just a number in a long line trying to get to the front. And these days, they don’t have the patience to wait for a resolution. They’ll simply go elsewhere.

Which is why it’s not just a problem for the Customer Support teams – if your customers have a negative customer experience, it impacts everyone. Marketing departments don’t have positive stories to tell, Sales teams can’t provide glowing reviews to close deals, there’s no referrals from word of mouth, your business starts to develop a bad reputation.

The key? An exceptional and proactive customer experience

Rather than seeing customer service as reactive, the companies getting it right are delivering proactive customer service.

Rather than rigid channels and disjointed systems that cause frustration and take time, they’re providing flexible choices and shared information that positively influences the customer journey.

Instead of honing in on efficiency, they’re looking at authenticity – genuine and true interactions that are timely, human and effective.

To truly deliver a proactive and authentic customer experience, you need a centralised system in place to unify and empower teams.

The solution? HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub has been developed to provide growing businesses with a suite of tools that enables them to deliver a connected, end-to-end customer experience.
It’s customisable and easy to set up to drive team efficiency, supporting critical customer interactions like onboarding, feedback, help desks and FAQs.

When paired with the HubSpot CRM platform across Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, CMS Hub and Ops Hub, you can turn feedback insights into actionable customer journey improvements.

Source: HubSpot

Scalability is built-in. Meaning support teams can have consistent and authentic interactions at scale, deepening your customer relationships and building trust. It provides you with all of the tools you need to put your customers first and prioritise the customer experience.

> Watch our hands-on demo of the features available in HubSpot Service Hub <

3 core components to HubSpot’s Customer Service Solution

Help Desk - helping you spend less time on data entry and to prioritise critical issues first

Omnichannel Service - meet your customers where they are across channels so that you’re always there when they need you

Fully integrated CRM & automation - combine customer data with automation and feedback to build customised, seamless service solutions

Help Desk features

    • Shared Inbox (Tier: Free)

      Centralise all of your customer communications from email, live chat and Facebook Messenger so that everyone in your team has full visibility to manage and reply, all in one place

unified teams - HubSpotSource: HubSpot
  • Agent Presence (Tier: Pro+ and sales seat required)
    Reduce duplicated efforts across emails with Agent Presence in the inbox, showing when another agent is viewing the same email or replying
  • Knowledge Base (Tier: Pro+)
    Empower your customers to self-serve the information they need, reducing your number of support requests, via a search-optimised knowledge base of articles, videos and documents with built-in analytics to continually improve them over time
  • Customer Portal (NEW in 2022) (Tier: Pro+)
    Create a custom portal to look and feel like your brand, which customers can then use to manage their requests and ongoing conversations to resolve issues faster
  • Custom Views in Shared Inbox (NEW in 2022) (Tier: Pro+)
    Create custom views to help service teams organise and prioritise their work, using ticket and conversation details
  • Mobile Inbox (NEW in 2022) (Tier: Free)
    Service reps can now access the help desk features via mobile for on-the-go problem solving, with the ability to add snippets, attach documents, images or knowledge base content.

Omnichannel Service features

  • Live chat (Tier: Free)
    Help customers instantly via an integrated live chat system that automatically routes users to the right person on your service team, with contextual conversations improving the customer journey
  • Chat Bots (Tier: Free)
    Scale conversations with a 24/7 chat bot that can direct users to information they’re looking for and automatically create tickets, improving team capacity
  • FB Messenger integration (Tier: Free)
    Track conversations from one place with your Facebook Messenger conversations syncing into your shared inbox, enabling enhanced reporting and simplified team distribution
  • Conversation Intelligence (Tier: Enterprise)
    Analyse and report on your calls through the Conversation Intelligence tools, allowing you to search for tracked terms and trigger automated workflows based on mentions
  • Inbound Calling (NEW in 2022 - Beta) (Tier: Starter+)
    Connect with customers directly from your device with Inbound Calls that automatically upload call data into your HubSpot CRM
  • Post Chat Feedback (NEW in 2022) (Tier: Pro+)
    Learn how customers feel about your interactions with instant feedback points at the end of chat sessions, which you can then report on and trigger automation based on the scores given

Fully integrated CRM & automation features

  • Ticket Pipelines (Tier: Free)
    Maximise team productivity and organisation by splitting tickets across different pipelines, flexible to match your individual business processes

  • Ticket & Help Desk Automation (Starter+ for simple ticket workflows, Pro+ for help desk workflows)
    Reduce manual, time-consuming processes with powerful built-in automation – from ticket prioritisation and notification triggers to automatic deal creation and sequence enrollment
    ticketing hubspotSource: HubSpot
  • Customer Feedback Surveys (Tier: Starter+)
    Understand how your customers feel about you with a range of pre-built surveys and tools that enable you to track important KPIs like NPS and customer satisfaction, with the option to automate follow ups based on responses
    surveys hubspot
    Source: HubSpot
  • Custom Surveys (NEW in 2022) (Tier: Starter+)
    Create custom surveys specific to your unique business requirements, with multiple question types and a flexible template to understand how your customers really feel and capture feedback directly into your CRM to deepen customer relationships and improve retention
  • SLAs (NEW in 2022) (Tier: Pro+)
    Set Service Level Agreements (SLAs) at a ticket level so that you can easily report on and monitor time to first reply and time to close
  • Survey Analytics (NEW in 2022) (Tier: Starter+)
    Out-of-the-box reports provide you with key insights to track and analyse your most important customer service metrics like CSAT, SLAs, chat wait time and support volume

As Service Hub is part of the wider HubSpot CRM platform, it empowers service teams to deepen customer relationships and drive efficiencies. Access to the data provides a complete history of every customer so that reps can have more meaningful and valuable conversations, whilst automation means common issues can be resolved quickly.

All of your messaging can become consistent across channels, with the ability to report on customer insights and service performance for continual improvement and optimisation.

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Watch our video demo to see the Service Hub features in action: