What Are The Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing?
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What Are The Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing?

The digital landscape is changing all the time as technology continues to thrive in the modern era. Although it is an ever-growing trend and more people are getting to grips with how to monetise their digital marketing strategy online, it is still proving difficult to keep it consistently performing at a high standard.

Marketing used to be much more straightforward but now as we evolve, the technical improvements that you’re seeing all over the internet have been tried and tested over and over again.

If you don’t have digital marketing tools and are consistently avoiding the bigger picture, you won’t have any results to brag about. It is important to work on the fundamentals of digital marketing and that is what we’re here to walk through.


Why is Digital Marketing Vital For Your Business?

Viewing the graphs from over the years and seeing the uptrend in people using social media platforms, you can see why businesses have been able to find ways to utilise this to their advantage.

With all these people available to market to, it is important to know why digital marketing is vital for your business's performance:


If you know how to use an inbound marketing strategy with minimal social media marketing spend - you will begin to reach your target audience at a faster rate.

In 2024, there are many excellent digital marketing tools that have free plans or minimal payment plans that allow you to use features that will improve your brand visibility.

Alternatively, you could look into digital marketing courses to learn how to implement these strategies without any further help, which may take some time.

Unlimited Growth

If you have a digital marketing plan in place, the number of people you can reach is unlimited. Compare this to not having a digital marketing strategy, you will only have word of mouth to work with.

A lot of business comes from word of mouth - but if you’ve got nowhere to advertise your business's product or service, it will be hard to gain authority in the business community around your area and/ or nationwide.

Building an Audience

If you have no loyal customers or clients you’ve previously done work for, it can be challenging to gain that first one without a digital marketing strategy. However, if you spend some time giving value to your audience - they’ll be sure to come back.

Excellent customer service also helps increase your audience as people tend to reach out to their friends and family if they’ve had a good experience with a business. 


What Are The Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing?

There are four main components to a great digital marketing strategy - and we believe that if you focus on these four marketing fundamentals within your business, success will follow:


Email Marketing

One of the initial forms of digital marketing channels, email marketing, is used as an inbound marketing strategy to attract, convert and retain your customers.

Whether you want to let people know about what is happening within your brand or you want to use promotional emails to offer discounts to your customers - email marketing will be a great tool.

Keeping customers in the loop and offering thoughtful customer service is a solid attribute of email marketing features as it allows you to automate your process to your customer's journey.


Social Media Marketing / Paid Media

Pretty much all social media platforms, from Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and many more, encourage their users to promote their business through the paid advertising feature. If you’re struggling to reach your audience organically, you can use targeted social media ads to assist your marketing efforts.

When you advertise your company's products or services, it will become a priority on people’s social media feed - meaning if you advertise to your target audience, conversions will ultimately rise accordingly.

Social media advertising also gives you metrics to understand the performance of your live advertising campaigns. When reviewing these metrics, you can decide out of the multiple campaigns that you put out which one to double down on.

If a certain advertisement is serving well out of the others, taking this and adding more to the daily budget is how you will begin to see impressive results.


Content Marketing

Content marketing, on the other hand, is still social media focused, but it focuses on organic content and providing value to your audience. Rather than always promoting your product or service, content marketing concentrates on building a solid following and engaging their attention.

Social media is not the only focal point of content marketing as it also ensures that your website is presentable and has every ranking factor implemented in order to function well.

This is one of the fundamentals of digital marketing that not enough people focus on because it is typically a long-term success factor.

Enterprises often look for short-term wins rather than looking at the bigger picture. Businesses that look at their company as a long-term project rather than a quick money grab often find greater success.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is your organic Google marketing method in comparison to Google ads. Once again, similar to the content marketing objectives, this a long-term marketing strategy that can have some bonus quick wins too.

SEO focuses on ranking your business for specific keywords in order for you to be more visible on Google, closer to the top of the search engine. If your product or service is on the first page of the search results for relevant keywords, you can expect more conversions to come your way immediately if your website is structured and visually appealing.

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Your website can be your biggest money pool if you do your research on the Google ranking system. With a well-optimised, easy-to-find website, you have endless opportunities to attract and convert your ideal customers.

Google is always changing and can be quite complex to understand but we believe that it is a non-negotiable for your business - so learning it will be extremely beneficial for your future accomplishments. 


There's a lot to consider when it comes to building out a successful and comprehensive digital marketing strategy. 

As a full-service marketing agency, we can help you with all of these fundamental elements. Learn more about our service offerings below, or book a free consultation call to see how we can help you with specific challenges.   

  • Inbound marketing: A tried-and-tested strategy to drive leads, convert more prospects and delight existing customers 
  • SEO: Build an organic search presence so that your ideal audience comes to you with optimised content and website
  • Paid media: Generate more leads with targeted paid media campaigns across PPC and paid social