Using HubSpot A/B testing to double your email open rate
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Using HubSpot A/B testing to double your email open rate

Do you want to find out how to enhance your results through email marketing? HubSpot A/B testing may be the answer. This data-driven approach helps to improve marketing performance, following a few best practices can help you do this.

In this article, we will talk about the process of A/B testing within marketing emails. Providing you with effective tips on creating goals, testing them and selecting the best recipients for each experiment. In addition, we will help you understand how to create a comprehensive A/B test. Once you have read through this guide, you will be a pro…

A/B overview

Split testing is also another name for A/B testing and it refers to an experimental process which is randomised. Whereby, two or more versions of one variable, whether that be page element, subject text, or web page etc are shown to a range of website visitor segments at approximately the same time to help understand which version is optimal and will help to reach the business goals.

In a nutshell, A/B testing effectively takes all the guesswork out of website optimisation and provides experience optimisers with the chance to make data-backed choices. In A/B testing, "control" or the initial testing variable is referred to as "A." The term "variant" or a new iteration of the original testing variable is used in B.

The "winner" is the version that causes your company metrics to change for the better. Your website can be optimised and your business ROI can be raised by implementing the changes of this winning variant on the page or elements that you have already tested.

Each website has its own conversion stats. For example, it may be product sales in the context of eCommerce. Or, it could be the creation of qualified leads for B2B.

Testing elements

It's important to note that this testing method can not only be completed once, it is an ongoing process that helps to maximise conversions for future campaigns if done correctly. Each test that is run should build upon the previous, helping to highlight what works and what doesn't.

What click rates can be tested?

There is a range of testable elements for click rates and these include:

- Preview text
- Number of emails
- Subject line

What open rates can be tested?

There is a range of testable elements for open rates and these include:

- Signatures
- Call-to-action
- Images
- Email body design
- Email body copy

An effective method for marketing emails A/B testing

What is the test objective?

When testing your emails, you should first define why you are doing so. This will help to provide more value to your emails. How are your emails currently performing? And what do you want to improve? Could it be your branding needs improving or that a specific email is just not giving you the results you want? Testing the elements of these can be a great reason to run a test.

Which segments will you be sending to?

It's important to evaluate who you will be sending your emails to, in order to receive the best results. Sending them to everyone is not the best way to go about this. Personas should be considered, along with their pain points and goals.

How will you design your test?

Depending on your objective, it will impact your design. Similar to other elements of the inbound strategy, the goal is directly linked to the content and the outcome you are aiming for. Once you have decided on your goal, elements of your email should be identified, along with ways to make them better.

Is what you are hoping to achieve, actually achievable? Make sure it is before designing and sending your email. The last thing you want is for anyone to unsubscribe. Be creative with your design ideas to help provide effective long-term results.

An example of A/B testing

Within this example, we will highlight what to test for if your email newsletter is not reaching your open rate goal. If your objective is to increase the rate from 18% to 20% during the third business quarter, your hypothesis may be something along the lines of, emails ending up in spam due to trigger words in the subject line.

Within the test, you would therefore test variations of the subject line, avoiding any trigger words. Alight the subject copy with the contents of the email and you can see whether or not testing those helps your open rate.

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