Unlocking success: How to maximise HubSpot's powerful features
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Unlocking success: How to maximise HubSpot's powerful features

HubSpot is the ideal CRM for those looking to expand their business and grow faster. With its comprehensive suite of Hubs, including Marketing, Content, Sales and Service, you can aim higher as a business to reach your full potential.

By setting up campaigns, generating leads and closing deals with HubSpot, you'll benefit from personalised insights every step of the way, add to this its automated routines you can set up to ease the day-to-day stress on your team and you can see the clear advantages of this software that grows with you.

Sales Hub - What are the features and tools?

HubSpot has purposely built the Sales Hub to elevate productivity through its heightened relevance. It was once perceived as necessary to "do more, sell more", very much a quantity over quality approach, however, this is no longer a guarantee of increasing sales. This business perspective actually results in growth stagnating, teams being discouraged and reps finding it difficult to connect with customers which all leads to it being difficult to predictably scale. 

With Sales Hub you can regain your productivity, scale insightfully and allow your sales team to deepen any customer connections they've been nurturing.

Create solutions for your sales challenges:

Contextualise your sales conversations and hold relevant prospect calls with the help of the sales engagement tools in HubSpot, resulting in you converting prospects easily. 

Sales teams will be able to reduce the noise around them to focus on what matters for converting their leads. Staying organised and efficient is key here as you want your leads to stay warm for you to build a qualified and high-converting pipeline.

Top features in Sales Hub that can help you do this:

Lead management

Turn leads into deals by managing them effectively in a personalised workspace.

Sales automation

Automate your sales processes and save time on manual tasks with HubSpot’s sales automation tools. Set up personalised email sequences in HubSpot using data from your CRM to boost response rates and support prospecting efforts. With ongoing analysis and A/B testing, you can find out which sequences are driving revenue and maximise your strategy for success. 

Call tracking

With call tracking you can put your sales calls for the day in order of priority. It's possible to make, record and then automatically log your calls within HubSpot, all ensuring maximum efficiency.

Email templates

Templates mean you can have your top sales emails ready to go at a moment's notice. Stop leads going cold by saving as much time as possible, tailor and personalise your emails, optimise them and then share them with the rest of your team to ensure efficiency is at its highest.

Email tracking

Once you have your templates, you can track how your leads are using them, so the moment they open one of your emails, you can send out follow ups at precisely the right time, resulting in more closed deals.

Accelerate your revenue growth:

With HubSpot's AI-powered deal management tools, you can move your leads on from qualified to closed-won at a much faster rate, bring in more consistency to the customer journey and give your sales team all of the insights and data they'll need to effectively prioritise their deals.  

Top features in Sales Hub that can help you do this:

Meeting scheduler

Stay productive and keep your calendar full by scheduling your meetings rather than relying on a back-and-forth email chain. 

Deal pipelines

Ensure your deal pipeline never comes to an end by adding deals, assigning tasks and tracking your most successful prospects - all in one intuitive platform.

Document tracking

This allows you to create a library of content for your sales team which you can then track to see which resources are the most effective at helping to close deals. 

Quote software

From the same place where you manage your deals, you can build and send out your sales quotes, as well as collecting any payments and electronic signatures.

Scale with insight:

Using HubSpot's integrated analytics and reporting capabilities, you can more accurately predict, set and hit revenue goals by having more effective visibility that enables you to forecast revenue into your pipeline.

Top features in Sales Hub that can help you do this:

Conversation intelligence

Following calls, gather data and insights from successful conversations you've had and use this to see what has worked and where to take your calls next. This can provide invaluable experience and knowledge for your team to help with future sales calls.


Monitor progress against your goals with the help of a comprehensive view of your pipeline, helping to keep everyone on the same page.

Marketing Hub+ - What are the features and tools?

Marketing Hub+ is a combination of the HubSpot Marketing Hub and the new for 2024 Content Hub which replaces the CMS Hub. The two together empower businesses to develop enriching content campaigns with the added capability of generating leads and automating certain marketing tasks.

Having your content and marketing tools all one place enables you to better connect with your audience as well as with your teams and the data you gather. Marketing is all about making connections and you can create deeper connections with the help of having your tools and experiences all connecting your marketing campaigns with your data. Introducing the two together is definitely worth considering during the implementation process.

Create solutions for your marketing challenges:

Drive revenue

Using Marketing Hub+ can offer your team the tools they need to tailor any messages and offers to your audience. Personalising this content by using any insights gathered can make your offerings a lot more relevant, which will, in turn, attract quality leads who are at the right point to convert.

Begin creating marketing strategies that match up with what your customers need, and help drive revenue to encourage your business to grow.

Top features in Marketing Hub+ that can help you do this:


Make use of HubSpot's online form builder to help you generate more leads through your website. Progressive profiling allows for smarter, more intuitive forms. If a contact has input a value for a specific field already, it means another field can be set instead, avoiding asking them for the same information. Over time, you can learn more about your contacts to draw greater customer insights. 


Create and build emails tailored to your target personas that showcase new product offerings, reach out with information or highlight news and content. These emails can be personalised and segmented using smart content to create a more effective marketing strategy to reach the right people at the right time and about the right things they want to hear about.

Landing pages

Landing pages can be built for your website using the Marketing Hub+. You can customise these pages and the content within them, making sure they're optimised for SEO purposes. By adding personalisation tokens, you can tailor the content shown to be more relevant and engaging to specific contacts. They work by showing personalised content based on specific property values in your CRM.

Save time as well as resources:

Utilise AI-based tools in order to help streamline your marketing efforts. Automate content creation, boost ROI and track performance of your campaigns. AI can help your marketing teams to reduce time spent on routine tasks, increase your efficiency and drive your results.

Top features in Marketing Hub+ that can help you do this:

Campaign management

View, manage and then act on any campaign priorities all from within the HubSpot CRM.

Marketing automation

Use automation to improve cross-functional operations, nurture and score leads, create and personalise emails and so much more.

Measure and optimise

Optimise your marketing efforts to help you make more strategic business decisions. Use HubSpot's advanced reporting tools, which include out-the-box reports, to better understand your customer journey. Keep track of your campaigns' performance and boost your ROI with the help of data-backed decisions. 

Top features in Marketing Hub+ that can help you do this:

Marketing analytics

Ensure you're making smarter decisions that are backed by data from the reporting, analytic tools and dashboards.

Advanced reporting for all your marketing needs

Make data-driven decisions with greater certainty by implementing more advanced reporting that will help prove campaign effectiveness. Add external content to consolidate all reporting requirements into one location and schedule emails for specific reports to be sent to particular users in HubSpot, facilitating seamless information sharing between internal teams or clients. Measure your marketing efforts with comprehensive attribution reporting - for contact creation, deal creation and revenue attribution to create an optimised customer journey that delivers the best customer experience. 

Additionally, you can create sophisticated reporting with the combination of five different datasets, choosing from Ad Interactions, CTAs, Landing Pages, Marketing Email, Marketing Email Analytics, Web Activities and more.


Understanding Service Hub and its features:

Growing your customer base and retaining it effectively is what Service Hub is all about. This results in better management of customer service and happier customers at each stage of the journey. It's essential to maintain deeper customer relationships, Service Hub helps you gather all the essential data you need to understand about your customers. Armed with this information, you can then deliver more personalised experiences, thanks to being able to track their intentions. This enables you to build and nurture a more loyal base of customers who will advocate for your business and can drive growth through word of mouth. 

Main features of Service Hub:

Customer Portal

A secure customer portal enables your sales teams to keep conversations going about tickets so that issues can be resolved much quicker.

Chatbots and Live Chat

Within Service Hub, you can set up live chat and create ‘Chatflows’, also known as chatbots. Chatbots in HubSpot can be fully customisable to meet your specific customer needs. You can choose when the chatbot messaging appears on site, and what automated content is displayed. Or if a customer would rather speak to a member of your customer service team, setting up Live Chat provides that functionality. Providing both of these options helps to ensure you’re meeting customer needs effectively, and creating positive user experiences. 

Knowledge Base

According to Zendesk, 63% of customers always or almost always start with a search on a company’s online resources when they’re faced with an issue. By giving customers the power to find the information they need themselves, you can increase customer satisfaction and free up capacity for other areas of your business, reducing the number of support tickets raised. HubSpot’s Knowledge Base is a self-serve library of information about your products and services, supporting your customers in finding answers to their own questions. These resources can be categorised into grouped topics for easy navigation. By delving into your site search analytics, you can base topics around the commonly searched terms and questions, which can support businesses in building their wider content strategy. 

Customer feedback software

Produce CRM-powered surveys to hear what your customers have to say. This not only shows you care about how your customer base is finding your service but also can provide you with helpful information for improving your service and for better meeting your customers' needs.

Analytics for service and support

Use industry-standard reports to discover insights for delivering a more authentic and efficient service.

Service Hub helps to drive team efficiency by keeping your workflows organised and by enabling you to automate tasks so your team can focus on closing deals and growing your business further. By simplifying collaboration with the help of Service Hub, your teams can work much more effectively.

Sales, Service and Marketing Hub+: What are the benefits of using the Hubs together?

Bringing these Hubs together allows for a comprehensive and powerful CRM platform that enables businesses to grow their efforts exponentially. This is down to there being a variety of combined functionalities such as, reporting, analytics, lead generation and nurturing, as well as contact management by collating records, calls, emails and web interactions in one place, sales tracking that can all help to increase the number of leads you're getting. 

With Marketing Hub+, you can create quality content, run lead generation campaigns and then nurture your leads through the sales funnel. In addition to this, the qualification and lead scoring tools help highlight the leads that are likely to be the most promising, meaning that, with the help of the Customer Portal within Service Hub, sales teams can spend time conversing with people who are more likely to convert.

Having the Hubs work together allows for a better and more seamless working environment between teams, without silos being formed, and allowing for more collaborative discussions. By everyone working towards the same goals, it's much more conducive for effective teamwork and customer satisfaction in the long run.

The key benefits to having these Hubs work together are:

  • Increase visibility across teams and develop customer experience using data
  • Ensure no siloed teams, with all working towards the same goals and brand messaging 
  • Automate outreach for the whole customer journey to ensure a seamless experience
  • Understand how successful the team collaboration is by measuring the ROI to see what is converting
  • Highlight the importance you put on the customer by empowering them with resource tools and chat functionalities and enabling feedback to help improve their experience

"Marketing + Sales Hub customers create 154% more deals than customers with Sales Hub only" and "86% of Service Hub customers experience time savings."


Understanding how to make the most of HubSpot’s powerful features is crucial for maximising its potential. To gain more of an insight on this, book a call with us today; as an Elite HubSpot agency, we can delve into the options and features that would benefit your business best.


N.B. All information correct at the time of publishing.

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