The Key Benefits of Inbound Marketing Explained
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The Key Benefits of Inbound Marketing Explained

Building a business from scratch isn’t easy with the number of tools and marketing channels you have to fulfil nowadays. The competition for places, paired with the elite businesses in your field, is becoming increasingly fierce, and you have to be ready to compete. 

For instance, if you’re currently looking to push your kitchen appliance business online - there are thousands of others looking to do the same. Yet, the difference between success and failure is implementing the correct marketing practices and consistency of effort. 

In this post, we’re going to explain the key benefits of inbound marketing and why you should be spending more time researching how to market your company online using these specific marketing efforts. Read on to learn more!


What is the Main Goal of Inbound Marketing?

In regards to what the main goal of inbound marketing is, the ethos that it presents stands by attracting new customers, engaging with them in a relatable, non-robotic way and delighting them so that they become repeat customers and push your brand to their friends and family. 

Inbound marketing is a broad spectrum of different marketing strategies that cover the entire customer experience. From a first impression to conversion, to retention, this is the process that each customer will follow. 

However, unlike outbound marketing, where you’re less focused on how the customer is feeling when working alongside you or caring if they’re interested in what you’re selling - inbound marketing is completely the opposite. 

Inbound marketers ensure that what they’re selling is relevant to a potential customer or client's interest and you can rest assured that most companies will be looking to offer their customers the best customer service they’ve ever received. 

Of course, not all businesses will play fair and square with their inbound marketing efforts, but the ones who follow the ethos behind inbound marketing and perform it correctly with the right strategies will be the ones seeing short, medium and long-term success.


What Are the Benefits of Inbound Marketing For Your Business?

As you and your team are looking to create an inbound marketing strategy (or you decide to go with an expert in-house or outsourced team), each social media platform and benefit of inbound marketing go hand-in-hand when trying to build a successful business. 

This is because with digital marketing, there are always areas that you can improve, but in this section - we’re going to explain the benefits of inbound marketing for your business one by one:


1 - Manual and Automation: Quality Leads, Traffic and Conversions

Creating a digital marketing campaign that covers social media marketing, email marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), etc will all benefit your brand’s visibility as you begin to grow your presence. 

Some build that presence quicker than others and whether that be more efficient marketing strategies or the specific industry - there are ways to enhance your qualified leads, traffic and conversions.

Creating great content marketing with a team of experts manually whilst having marketing automation systems in the backend to help the inflow of customers (improving customer relationships, etc) 


2 - Build Trust With Your Target Audience 

If your inbound marketing strategy is gaining some traction online and you’re beginning to see people view and purchase from your website - customers will form an opinion of your business. This compounding effect (if you provide what you say you do and go above and beyond) will start to build trust with your target audience. 

Excellent reviews and reliable customer relationships will enhance your trust within your industry and make you a favourite among other enterprises. 


3 - Authority Over Your Competition

If you have a solid social media marketing strategy and multiple marketing tactics such as an SEO strategy, to bring customers to your website, you will begin to gain some authority on Google and social media.

When potential customers see that your products or services are above those of other competitors and are performing well for them - their behaviour will often reflect how authoritative you are. People trust good businesses and also choose the ones at the top of Google. Therefore, if you can build authority, you will see stellar results. 


4 - Cost-Effective Compared to Outbound Marketing

If you look at the expenses when investing in inbound marketing and outbound marketing - you will notice that inbound marketing is more cost-effective. Although it depends on the budget you’re willing to spend, the price per piece of marketing is more affordable than outbound marketing methods.

For example, investing in a billboard for your advertising campaign can be up to £12,500 a month for its use. Whereas, each form of inbound marketing won’t be close to that total. 

Additionally, nowadays, inbound marketing methods are more effective than outbound methods - as outbound marketing strategies such as billboards, TV ads and radio ads are becoming outdated. Inbound marketing can total a good amount of expenditure each month, but you can always expect an excellent ROI (return on investment) if you have the correct practices in place.


5 - Target Market Wants Inbound Marketing

If you’re on the internet looking for a certain product or service that you need, you want to see more of the options you have at your disposal. With traditional outbound marketing, you will receive marketing messages that you don’t want to see and that seems like they’re begging you to purchase their product or service. 

However, with clever cookies and social media insights, companies that practise inbound marketing will be able to find and send you advertisements that relate to your interests. This way, what you’re looking for or what you’re trying to sell will become much easier to purchase or present to a target audience. 


In Summary

Although the centrepiece of inbound marketing is to attract, convert, close and delight - the content you create should always suit your buyer's journey and interests. If you’re not following the ethos of inbound marketing and begin to spam people with information they don’t want to see - this doesn’t align with inbound marketing. 

The possibilities and advantages of inbound marketing are endless, and although it is a relatively new marketing method, it is beginning to change the way marketers cultivate their strategies.

If you’re looking for a successful and experienced inbound marketing team to work alongside, book a discovery call with Fuelius today and we’ll be more than happy to see what we can improve!