Our foolproof CRM implementation strategy developed over 27 years of industry experience
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Our foolproof CRM implementation strategy developed over 27 years of industry experience

With industry experience spanning the last 27 years and with over 400 HubSpot migrations in place, we understand what a successful implementation strategy looks like.

Over the last two decades of growth evolving our services for private sector and commercial clients, we now work with companies, providing end-to-end customer journey solutions. Here at Fuelius, we'll perform a thorough assessment of your complete customer lifecycle before we start. This enables us to ensure all departments are following the same company goals and to then optimise your processes using our full suite of services, including inbound marketing, web development and CRM enablement, all with our own end goal of creating consistent revenue growth for your business.  

What does the implementation strategy look like with Fuelius?

When you choose Fuelius' Custom HubSpot Implementation, you'll engage with our specialist team of consultants, including Solution Architects, Marketing Specialists, and Project Managers, to develop a comprehensive HubSpot implementation strategy. It encompasses architectural design, intricate data mapping, migration, and management, alongside plans for change management and training to support the project. 

The initial exploration phase with our Solutions Architect involves engaging key stakeholders within the business in a series of workshops and questionnaires to understand business needs and requirements. We’ll explore the following questions: 

  • What does success look like to you?
  • How will you measure this? What are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?
  • What are your key business objectives? Do you have any key milestones, focuses or dates to hit? What does the next 12 months look like for you?
  • What is your ICP?
  • What software do you currently use as part of your marketing process? Are they integrated with your current CRM and if so, how?

Following the custom onboarding discovery sessions, we will have a much deeper understanding of your business's requirements. Drawing from our in-depth assessments, we’ll provide a customised blueprint, detailing a strategic roadmap tailored to the needs of the business. You will also receive a full specification document that you can approve prior to the implementation process beginning. Once your portal is live, it's important for this to be fully in line with third-party pipelines, otherwise, it's not going to align with your sales funnel, making accurate data collection very difficult.

It's crucial for data migration to take place to ensure that your entire customer base, both current and new, is being pulled through and tracked sufficiently. Depending on the complexity of the CRM, essential components like company, contact objects, deals, and custom objects should be moved over. 

Why is ongoing analysis and improvement so crucial?

As soon as you are sure that everything is running as it should and all of your native integrations are in place and connected to your CRM funnel, check on how user adoption is performing. Are your teams using the CRM correctly? Are there any errors that have been found? This is the best time to ask questions like these, at the start, so that they can be rectified straight away, especially before any bad habits are formed. However, this shouldn't be a one-time check; set up regular checks, perhaps every month, to keep a continuous check on how your CRM is performing for your business. 

How can training help to support user adoption?

Low adoption can be a serious issue for you to solve and it's often a result of a lack of sufficient training. Make sure all of your teams receive CRM training for their particular usage of the platform. At Fuelius, as one of only 3 UK agencies with the HubSpot Onboarding Accreditation, we deliver specialist training to prepare you for success with the software. 

There’s a rich resource bank available through HubSpot, and comprehensive training can take the form of video guides, screen recordings of certain processes, 1-to-1 guided sessions, even gamification options to engage teams. Ensure you provide a wide variety of options to suit the learning styles right across your teams. It's often found with a user-friendly CRM, such as HubSpot, that has very much been made with the end-user in mind, that adoption will happen naturally, especially when you have a highly-trained team of CRM specialists, such as our team at Fuelius, behind you.


Comparing Diamond vs Platinum vs Elite ranking in HubSpot

As one of the few agencies in the UK with an Elite HubSpot status, ranking in the top 1%, we can be trusted, as expert HubSpot solutions partners, to use the CRM to its fullest capabilities to help your business grow further.

The ranking tiers explained

There are currently four tiers, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Elite and HubSpot utilises a variety of metrics to help them classify partners. Whilst HubSpot agencies can be classified as untiered, to be ranked within the four tiers, and to be considered a tiered solutions partner, an agency is measured on having quality metrics in areas such as retention, MRR (monthly recurring revenue), monthly sold and software engagement. This enables HubSpot to categorise HubSpot agencies within the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program, with the most desired tier levels being:

This tier acknowledges that an agency has made a number of clients aware of the inbound methodology and that those clients have had inbound marketing services expertly executed throughout their business.

The Diamond tier is a high-ranking tier for a reason - it shows that a HubSpot agency can effectively deal with the levels of challenges and different projects given to them, but, crucially that HubSpot feels they are delivering those projects to the highest level and bringing the benefits of the inbound methodology to many.

The tiers are ultimately based on the amount of success an agency has seen when implementing the inbound methodology with its clients. To attain the highest tier of Elite, an agency must earn the associated number of points with that tier which are based on a combination of the number of points gained for sold and managed. As well as the point system used throughout the tiers, there are other special requirements that need to be met in order to gain Elite status. These include holding a minimum of 100 HubSpot certificates and being invited by HubSpot to become an Elite member.

What is an accredited agency?

An accredited agency attains this status by demonstrating its practical experience, level of expertise, and capacity to serve customers with highly specific, technical and complex business needs.

The accreditations awarded by HubSpot mean that solutions partners can adequately support their customers' HubSpot success with the highest level of service, quality and strategic insights.

Partnering with an accredited agency gives you access to their wealth of expertise and knowledge and it's why, regardless of how niche it may seem, we've gained tremendous success from a range of industries with the HubSpot CRM. Book a call with us today to see how our Elite agency can help you succeed.

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