In-house vs Outsource: Who should implement HubSpot?
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In-house vs Outsource: Who should implement HubSpot?

Over 184,000 businesses across the globe use HubSpot to power business growth and achieve their marketing and sales goals. Maximising the ROI of HubSpot CRM begins with how you approach implementation. CIO estimates that approximately 33% of all CRM projects fail, so strategic vision and expert meticulous planning will be the crucial cornerstones of success.

Many businesses choose to consult a HubSpot Elite Partner to facilitate a successful implementation, as they provide technical experience, a structured methodology, and the ability to customise the platform to your specific needs. 


The DIY Approach: Pros and cons

If you have the capacity and technical knowledge internally, some businesses may choose to implement HubSpot themselves, taking the set-up, configuration, implementation, and training in-house. Choosing not to consult a partner agency can reduce upfront costs, however, if you don’t have the time and resources to be meticulous in your CRM implementation, you may see unmet goals and CRM inefficiencies down the line. 

Too often in-house CRM implementations fall to Marketing Managers or Executives to carry out without technical training, in addition to their everyday responsibilities. But without a close focus on the project, crucial errors may occur in data migration, and you may find your true sales pipeline isn’t represented in the CRM. This could lead to outdated persona data, poor quality leads, and difficulty reaching the right audience. Initial savings by not choosing a partner agency can quickly disappear, and you may soon require a reimplementation to meet your goals.


Consulting a HubSpot Elite Partner 

HubSpot solutions partners are awarded tiers based on the level of client success they’ve achieved, from Elite status as the highest honour, through to Gold status. An Elite Partner can customise HubSpot to maximise the alignment and success businesses can see within the platform. 

Access technical expertise
Choosing an Elite Partner for HubSpot implementation offers access to a high level of technical expertise and experience. Particularly if you don’t have the in-house time and resource, this will support a seamless, structured implementation. At Fuelius, we have three tiers of onboarding options available allowing you to choose the right level of support for you. In as little as four weeks, we can get you set up for maximum growth potential with HubSpot CRM. An initial discovery call with one of our onboarding experts will allow us to discuss goals, requirements, and timeframes for the project.

Guided Onboarding Custom Onboarding  Re-onboarding

Our team will demonstrate and guide you as you implement HubSpot with:

  • An allocated Tech Team Strategist
  • Structured 5-8 week calls with clearly listed agenda
  • Pre-call event actions
    90 min coaching/demo call
  • Post session homework


We’ll demonstrate the system and we'll implement HubSpot for you with:

  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Structured 8-12 week calls
  • Tailored onboarding to meet your needs
  • Defined list of deliverables
  • 60 min demo/delivery call
  • Post-event actions

Consult with our dedicated team as we implement HubSpot for you with:

  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Structured 8-12 week calls
  • Pre-audit to fix the fundamentals
  • Defined list of deliverables
  • 60 min demo/delivery call
  • Post-event actions

Tailor the software with custom integrations
HubSpot’s extensive library of native integrations makes connecting your tech stack straightforward. But in instances where you require a more flexible, scalable solution, more complex custom API integrations can be set up with the help of a HubSpot Elite Partner like Fuelius. Working with you to align your tech stack to maximise efficiency and data management, we’ll support you with customising the system to meet your specific needs. 


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Streamlined, structured methodology
With more than 27 years of industry experience, and over 400 successful CRM implementations delivered, our onboarding methodology is structured to position you for success. Scheduled calls, check-ins, and training sessions with our specialists ensure the project stays on track and adheres to predetermined timeframes. 

Specialist end-user training to maximise user engagement 
Comprehensive end-user training is an integral part of CRM implementation. Without it, user errors can occur and teams may resist change. Choosing a HubSpot Elite Partner allows you to access training support from experts in CRM software. These sessions can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences, and provide the opportunity to ask any questions about the software. At Fuelius, we offer flexible support hours to enable successful user adoption as well as how-tos and demos in our video hub

Protect internal resources for other business initiatives 
Outsourcing CRM implementation to a specialist partner agency frees up internal resources for other strategic business tasks. Particularly in organisations where there is no dedicated CRM team or technical support, implementing new software can present challenges to overcome. This can divert attention from other initiatives, or result in delays with the project. 

Security and data protection adherence
A trusted HubSpot partner can provide peace of mind that your customer data is kept secure throughout the software migration process. Ensure the agency you choose has stringent security and compliance protocols in place, with accreditations such as: 

Book a consultation with Fuelius

As a HubSpot Elite Partner, we help businesses accelerate their growth with bespoke CRM solutions. From initial consultation to migration and implementation, we’ll ensure your CRM project is set up for success, supporting custom API integrations to keep your tech stack aligned. Get started by booking a consultation with our team today.

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