HubSpot vs Pipedrive: What's the Difference?
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HubSpot vs Pipedrive: What's the Difference?

Are you trying to figure out which CRM software is best for your company?

You’ve likely heard of HubSpot and Pipedrive, two of the most popular CRM options on the market. Both offer a range of features that can help manage customer relationships.

Choosing between HubSpot and Pipedrive can be difficult, especially since both offer comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

Let’s compare HubSpot and Pipedrive to see which one is better for your organisation. 


HubSpot Overview

HubSpot is a powerful CRM system that helps businesses attract, engage, close, and delight customers. It offers a suite of tools that allow users to manage their sales pipeline, track leads, monitor customer interactions, and analyse data in order to improve their customer service experience. In addition, it provides marketing automation tools such as email campaigns and social media management capabilities to deliver inbound marketing strategies. 


Pipedrive Overview

Pipedrive is also an advanced CRM platform that helps organisations attract more customers and drive more sales. It includes features such as lead tracking, automated task reminders, customisable reports, analytics dashboards, and contact segmentation tools to help users understand their customers better. Additionally, it offers integration tools with popular services such as Gmail and Salesforce so users can easily sync up their data across multiple platforms. 


The Differences Between HubSpot And Pipedrive

The main difference between HubSpot and Pipedrive is in the amount of features offered by each software. While both are robust CRMs with a variety of features designed to help businesses generate more leads and close more deals faster, HubSpot has more features than Pipedrive does when it comes to marketing automation and lead-scoring capabilities.

Additionally, HubSpot offers integrated analytics dashboards so users can quickly get insights into their performance while Pipedrive does not have this feature yet. HubSpot also has an intuitive user interface that makes it easier for non-technical users to navigate while Pipedrive’s user interface may be less intuitive for some people. 


Important things to consider

Price Points

When it comes to pricing points, HubSpot has a tiered system depending on the number of users and features needed by a business—ranging from free for the basic package up to £1k+ per month for large enterprises.

For smaller businesses looking for basic CRM features, you can use the free version of HubSpot CRM. Meanwhile, Pipedrive offers several pricing plans ranging from £10/month all the way up to £100/month for larger enterprises. The main difference is that all plans offer unlimited users with no additional fees, however, some plans don’t include access to advanced features like multi-user editing or custom fields.

Ease Of Use

The ease of use is another major factor when deciding between these two platforms. In this area, both have an edge over each other in certain areas. Overall they are fairly even in terms of usability.

HubSpot is great for beginners because it offers an intuitive dashboard that allows users to quickly find what they need without having to dig too deep into technical settings or configurations—but it may not be as customisable as Pipedrive would be for expert users.

On the other hand, while Pipedrive might require more setup time initially compared to Hubspot (due to its greater customisation options), once properly configured it becomes much easier (and faster) for users to navigate around its interface and complete tasks efficiently.


The winner?

When deciding between two popular CRM solutions like HubSpot vs Pidedrive - it's important to weigh out the pros and cons of each platform before making a choice! 

With its powerful suite of tools geared towards helping businesses attract and engage customers – along with its marketing automation capabilities and integrated analytics dashboards – HubSpot stands out as being the ideal choice for many companies seeking an advanced CRM system.

However, if simplicity or cost savings is your primary concern - then Pipeddrive may be just what you need. Both systems come highly recommended and whichever one you choose will surely provide great value in helping grow your business.

Before you make your decision, book a HubSpot CRM demo with a member of our team.