HubSpot User Group Wrapped: Our 2022 Highlights
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HubSpot User Group Wrapped: Our 2022 Highlights

We absolutely love hosting the Liverpool HubSpot User Group and 2022 has been one of our biggest years yet!

We’ve welcomed hundreds of attendees to the virtual sessions and covered over 15 different topics. Along with over £100 worth of prizes given away!

Here are our best bits and highlights from the sessions we’ve hosted this year, with quick links for you to watch on-demand right now.

So grab a cuppa and squeeze in some HubSpot learning before the year ends!

(Side note – we started out the year under the brand name Prodo until our split in August when we became Fuelius! Just in case you’re confused…)   

February: 7 SEO secrets every business needs to know

We took it back to basics for our first event of the year, showcasing seven SEO secrets you might not know about, as well as an overview of the built-in HubSpot SEO tools.

We covered…

  • Quality content = quality back links
  • Targeting featured snippets
  • Pillar pages
  • Using video
  • Voice search
  • E.A.T quality - Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness
  • Developing for core vitals


March: How to prove the value of your marketing: Measuring ROI in HubSpot

This session was one of our most registered events of all time, which makes a lot of sense – because who doesn’t want to prove just how valuable all their hard work is?! During this session, we broke down the concepts around how to build effective marketing campaigns, then showed you how to conclusively report on the results and ROI, all with the attribution tools in HubSpot.


  • What is attribution reporting & different attribution models available
  • When to use attribution reports
  • How to set up attribution reports in HubSpot 


May: How to Power Up with all 5 Hubs

One of our favourite things about HubSpot is just how incredibly powerful it can be when you use it as an all-in-one system. It’s a multi-dimensional platform with tools and features for your entire business to use and love.

This is through their Hub products – Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub and Operations Hub.

During this webinar, we talked through the features and benefits of each Hub, as well as how they can work together to create something truly mighty to power up your strategy.

  • Top features of every Hub (Sales, Marketing, Service, CMS and Ops)
  • Best pairings for maximum success
  • How to combine Hubs


June: Using Marketing Automation Tactics to Increase Conversion

In a world where everyone’s trying to get more done in less time (with always-improving results!) marketing automation is here to make your life easier. And improve your customer’s experience with your business, because they’ll get more timely, relevant and targeted communications.

In this session, we looked at how marketing automation can be used in HubSpot across the entire customer lifecycle to create more connected, long-term relationships that increase conversion.

Covering areas like:

  • Email marketing
  • Behavioural targeting 
  • Lead prioritisation
  • Personalised messaging



August: 15 Data Health Hacks in 30 Minutes

Data health is vital for building a solid foundation from which to communicate and engage with your audience. You know when you have a messy house and you just can’t find what you’re looking for when you need it?

Bad data hygiene causes the same problems. You need clean, accurate and consistent data in your CRM so that you can create hyper-personalised, meaningful content that’s more likely to convert.

On this HubSpot User Group session, we walk through 15 actionable hacks that automate data cleansing tasks and keep your HubSpot CRM in top condition so that you can use it to power your sales and marketing strategy.

Some of the hacks include…

  • A data cleanse dashboard
  • Automated buyer persona tagging
  • A customer health score 


September: INBOUND 2022 Round-Up  

Every year we head to HubSpot’s biggest event, INBOUND, where they always unveil exciting features and product updates. So every year we also make sure we share all the news with you guys through the HubSpot User Group!

Highlights included…

  • A crisis of disconnection
  • The age of the connected customer
  • Big product updates across Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs



October: Managing disconnected systems with HubSpot

As businesses scale, one of the biggest painpoints tends to be that their tech stack scales with them: the average growing business has 242 SaaS tools (Productiv). This leads to disconnection. You’ve got siloed tools, data and processes, which just leads to time wasted cleaning data, cobbling together insights and trying to integrate systems that simply don’t want to integrate.

So, on this HUG, we talked through how you can condense multiple systems into one central source of truth through connected applications and connected data.

Best bits to skip to:

  • How to audit your tech stack
  • What is an ERD
  • 10 of our favourite HubSpot app recommendations 


December: 8 New HubSpot Features to Unwrap in 2023  

To round out the year, our final event of 2022 looked at some of the newest and most exciting HubSpot product betas and updates that will help you grow better in 2023. As always we took the opportunity to get into the festive spirit, with our HubSpot Helpers Jonny and Ash taking centre stage in some very seasonal outfits!   

Some festive favourite features:

  • Why it’s the best time ever to be using HubSpot
  • Product beta: Custom Goals
  • Product update: WhatsApp Integration 


There you have it! A jam-packed year of HubSpot news, strategy and ideas to help you grow your business better.

We hope to see you at our next HubSpot User Group!