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How to use Account Based Marketing tactics within HubSpot

Account-based marketing has been floating around for a while, however marketers have recently gained a deeper understanding of the term and realised the value it can bring to a business. This strategy links with sales enablement offering the tools to effectively sell more with HubSpot.

What is account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing is a tailored outreach strategy whereby the sales team can focus their efforts and resources on selling to a valuable group of accounts, instead of individuals. It is all about finding a business that aligns with your target audience and targeting them with personalised and hyper-targeted messages.

Account based marketing application

Clearly define who your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is

Identifying the best accounts for targeting is crucial to reach success. Clearly defining who your ideal customer profile is will help you to effectively target messages and content to engage with your target audience including their characteristics and a set of specific traits.

Create your strategy for account targeting

Once you have clearly defined your ICP, it's then important to identify who your key stakeholders are and highlight them as vital decision-makers. This may include the company's Marketing Manager or the Vice President of Marketing as within your team, these are considered important decision makers. With your strategy, the aim is to cover as much of your audience as possible, identifying a thorough list of personnel from all target accounts and a high number of accounts in the target market. This list may be long, but to narrow it down don't forget to look over your customer profiles. Prioritise the accounts that are most suitable in terms of your ICP.

What is your sales message?

With account based marketing, you should treat each business as if it was just one account, this is the key to success with this strategy. Therefore, your key messaging should address each company's needs and pain points. Personalisation needs to also then be addressed within each message.

How does HubSpot power your Account-Based Marketing strategy

After defining your ICP, as well as the target accounts, you should then start focusing on the technology, people and processes, in order to effectively carry out your strategy. To do this you should:

- In HubSpot, add the account data
- Create the contact list and your target account based marketing company
- For every account, create a personalised sales sequence
- Both personalised messages and tokens should be used
- Begin testing for sales sequences and channels used for example the time or outreach
- Dedicate an analysis dashboard for your account based marketing


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