Building Fusion21’s lead machine with a new HubSpot website
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Building Fusion21’s lead machine with a new HubSpot website

We're excited to showcase our latest new HubSpot website development project for Fusion21, built to maximise lead generation and improve customer engagement...


Fusion21 provides procurement frameworks and technical expertise to support public sector projects with the aim to increase productivity and efficiency.


After a competitive procurement process, they appointed Fuelius to future-proof their CMS by designing and developing a website that provides a user journey to promote and complement the end-to-end lead generation process.

With the drive to become thought leaders in the industry, Fusion21 wanted to increase and maintain engagement with new and existing members. As part of the project, a complete CRM system integration was required to support the business growth objectives and enhance operational efficiency across the sales process.

The ultimate goal was to give Fusion21 a platform to grow with an optimised website that engages leads and customers whilst providing a centralised system to manage those contacts.


The challenge:

Whilst Fusion21 were relatively happy with the look and feel of their website, they felt that key functionalities were lacking and were concerned about its abilities to engage and convert current and future users.

A number of factors were contributing to their limited lead generation, including:

  • No automated CRM system to support the process
  • Gaps in content that didn’t fit with their wider lead generation strategy
  • A restrictive CMS that meant creating pages and content for specific users was difficult and timely, therefore ineffective when it came to lead generation

The build:

To help build Fusion21’s future-proof CMS, Fuelius was keen to improve the access points to key information across their site, by implementing smarter functionalities, especially around navigation and search.

Together, Fuelius and Fusion21 agreed on a HubSpot solution to create an improved, tailored experience to easily direct users to the right pages, presenting key information in a clear, usable (5)

Key new features of Fusion21’s website include:

  • Subsections were introduced into the navigation to clearly segment content
  • Flexible modules and templates within the CMS make updating content easier to manage
  • On-page improvements such as additional CTAs placed across the site to improve accessibility for website visitors

Sam Banks, Technical Digital Strategist at Fuelius said: “We’ve loved working with Fusion21 to find an effective solution within the budget that improves the user journey across the site. Using the HubSpot platform for the build meant we were able to create a flexible website using custom templates to ensure the team at Fusion21 is able to create, edit and update content easily moving forward. It’s been a pleasure overseeing this project and we’re excited to continue the relationship with Fusion21 in the future.”

Check out the new website here!