A comparison between HubSpot Guided and Custom Onboarding
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A comparison between HubSpot Guided and Custom Onboarding

So, how do HubSpot Guided and Custom Onboarding differ?

We appreciate that these processes can seem alike, as in both instances your business is going through the process of setting up HubSpot. However, there are a few significant differences between them both that you should consider before choosing.

Fuelius is an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner and as a team, we have onboarded many clients across a wide range of industries onto their HubSpot portals.

Within this article, discover what onboarding options are available and how we can help you grow better as a HubSpot solutions partner.

What is HubSpot onboarding?

HubSpot Onboarding is considered a standardised process to assist you in starting your HubSpot journey.

You can purchase this service either through HubSpot or from a solutions partner, such as ourselves. Each Hub has its own bespoke onboarding package, which can be delivered separately or in conjunction depending on how fast your business needs to grow.

Onboarding provides a range of sessions that help the client to familiarise themselves with the new software. Sessions that are covered include features available, how to utilise them and everything else that your team will need to know to be confident in the platform.

Onboarding is effectively the process of understanding the best way to piece everything together, having this support can help the process to be much more effective and quicker.

For a more bespoke experience opting for a custom onboarding with a Solutions Partner will enable you to tailor the platform exactly to your business requirements faster, backed up with full support to take on the hands-on tasks on your behalf. 

HubSpot onboarding with Fuelius

With Fuelius, you can opt to boost your onboarding experience through a ‘Guided’ or ‘Custom’ package.

Guided Onboarding
  • We demonstrate you implement
Custom Onboarding
  • We demonstrate and implement for you

Each package comes with extras when compared to HubSpot's standard package, such as a tailored self-serve success plan, an expert-led strategic consulting session and workshops that can assist you in reaching your ROI on the platform right from the start.

Custom Onboarding benefits

When you begin with the Custom Onboarding project, you will first go through a tailored discovery phase, as well as create a full statement of work document, this will include a confirmed timeline and what the deliverables will look like. In the end, you'll be left with a bespoke training document that your team can always refer to and benefit from.

Unlike Guided Onboarding, our consultancy service within Custom will ensure the platform will service your whole business and document the role HubSpot plays with your other tech stack. Leaving you with a long-lasting portal that will have been built to help expand your business.

The benefits of onboarding with a partner

For those businesses who choose Custom Onboarding, it is usually because they have more complex needs, such as multiple divisions, custom integrations or teams across several regions.

With Custom, the end result will be that your business will get a tailored system built by experts. They help to understand and rectify what may have been wrong with your old platform and uncover exactly what features you will need to benefit your business. They will also discuss options for any bespoke extras to give your Hub the edge.

After covering key project details, such as when you would like the project to start, the team will create a plan. They will consider the best way to implement your hubs, using their expertise to highlight options you may have not first considered.

If part way through the consultancy you choose to change something, you have a dedicated technical team available to ensure you end up with a custom portal that does exactly what you need.

Guided or Custom Onboarding?

When choosing between onboarding packages, there are many factors to consider such as; what resources you have internally to carry out the set-up tasks, how fast you need to implement within your business and what experience you have internally to handle. 

When first starting out with HubSpot, Guided Onboarding may be a good choice, however, Custom Onboarding can take both your HubSpot platform and your business to the next level.

Unlock more value from your HubSpot investment today book a call with our team to discuss the best onboarding option for your business.