benefits of inbound marketing with HubSpot for your business
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8 benefits of inbound marketing with HubSpot for your business

Are you wondering whether HubSpot is the right software for your business to offer the best benefits of inbound marketing for all of your marketing campaigns?

Well if you are determined to boost results, create high-quality content, optimise with SEO, share on social media, create CTAs, personalise emails and engage with prospects, then Hubspot is the one for you.

Hubspot was founded in 2006 and since then they have focused on transforming how businesses engage with customers, stepping away from interruptive communication.

The benefits of inbound marketing with HubSpot

HubSpot is a fantastic system used to create and manage a range of inbound campaigns by attracting people at the awareness stage of the user journey and addressing their pain points.

As a CRM, CMS and marketing platform, HubSpot helps you turn traffic into qualified leads by identifying them and then nurturing them through the buyer’s journey. So what are the benefits?

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1. Marketing, customer service and sales…

Hubspot's CRM system allows all teams to work together in one effective location and who doesn't love a solution to make their job easier? Not only that but the system is also free and allows you to log every single activity with each individual customer in real-time and simply organise your sales and marketing efforts. HubSpot CRM can automate routine tasks and makes your sales pipeline clear and simple to follow. Having access to this alongside customer interactions encourages them to be used together. Organising, tracking and nurturing your leads and customers with real data to understand their journey with you has never been easier.


2. Let's get social!

In today’s digital world, social media is at the forefront of every inbound marketing strategy. With tactics and trends constantly updating, it's good to stay on top of this. Hubspot helps you to keep a consistent brand image, engage with prospects and monitor results with their built in social tool. One amazing benefit of this system is that its gives you the opportunity to schedule content in advance with their content calendar functionality, offering better visibility for future projects and posts.


3. Edit your website

Hubspot makes it easy to amend or even build a website using one of their many templates. You no longer need to have development experience to create a well-designed website that will gain traffic. Making the system accessible to all, with simple modules that can be moved around and content can be filled in effortlessly.

4. The HubSpot CMS has SEO tools built-in...

As SEO is integrated into the Hubspot CMS it means you have the ability to identify keywords to uniquely optimise and create content specifically led by search metrics. As well, the tools can track inbound links to your site, discover new link building opportunities and find areas of improvement across all pages of your website. There are plenty of integrated tools that help you tackle SEO, including straightforward meta inputs, dynamic XML sitemap and an editable Robots.txt file, whilst user-experience tools like A/B testing and universal browser support give an extra SEO boost.

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5. In-house analysis and reporting

A massive part of any campaign is analysing how well it has done and where it can be improved. With HubSpot’s analytics tool, you can discover the performance of your entire funnel with built-in reports and dashboards for data-driven insight, right from acquisition to close.

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6. Boost email marketing efforts

Email marketing is an effective way to reach out to potential customers, allowing you to start nurturing them throughout the user journey with the right kind of content for their current stage, whether that be awareness, consideration or the decision stage with automated workflows doing all of the hard work for you. When a lead reaches a particular stage, you can trigger highly-specific content for maximum conversion potential.

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7. Improve your site's load time

To rank well on Google, load time is now also a ranking factor. Therefore, you need to make sure your page speed is fast to ensure a higher search ranking. With this in mind, HubSpot has focused their efforts on improving the site load speed for their CMS, which now ranks above Wordpress, Drupal and Joomia, making sure it delivers a competitive performance available across the market today.


8. The HubSpot community

The HubSpot community is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and peers to increase knowledge on Hubspot and learn ways to grow. Top community conversations relate to the CRM hub, marketing hub, service hub, Hubspot developers, inbound and revOps and operations.

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